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PROS: Brings a fresh idea. Easy installation. Has a lot of potential. CONS: Serious performance issues.

In case you’re interested in adding wireless charging as an additional functionality to you iPhone, there are more than a few ways to do this. This category of iPhone accessories is still in its first stages of development, so you should be careful if you choose to buy one of these solutions. In most cases, these wireless charging systems will cause some issues and inconsistencies in their functionality. On the other hand, you’ll need to be prepared to accept some compromises, since you’ll usually need to use a 3rd party iPhone case which supports wireless charging, and these cases can be very bulky.

In today’s article we’ll be taking a look at Fonesalesman’s iQi Mobile Receiver, which is a thin pad that can be used instead of those bulky cases. This is the first time I’ve seen a solution in this form, so I was very interested in trying it out. You can purchase iQi for $35, but note that you’ll also need to buy a charging mat as well.

iQi Mobile Receiver 3

This little accessory is actually a receiver that needs to be plugged into your phone, so you can bend it over the backside of your phone and place it inside almost any iPhone case. What this means is that you can enable wireless charging on your iPhone without having to use specialized cases. This solution is available for the iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C, and can be used with 5th generation iPod touch.

When it comes to installation, it’s very simple and effortless. You’ll first need to plug in iQi’s Lightning plug into your phone, which looks like just about any unauthorized Lightning connector. Now simply slide it over the back side of the phone, and you can also use provided adhesive pad to prevent iQi from moving. Now simply slide over any case, and you won’t even notice any difference.

iQi Mobile Receiver 1

In order to charge your iPhone wirelessly you’ll need to have a charging mat. We tested Fonesalesman’s Koolpad, but any other will work as well. The Koolpad is a typical charging mat, and looks like a plastic rounded rectangle. Simply place the phone onto it and it should start charging immediately. Every time you place the phone onto Koolpad, it will sharply beep in order to confirm the connection, which can be very annoying after a while. Another serious issue is connectivity, and this is something that many users noticed and written about around the web. It seems that iQi can be suddenly rejected by iOS since it’s unauthorized, which means that charging will stop once you receive “This accessory may not be supported” message. If you remove the phone and place it back, it will sometimes continue charging and sometimes nothing will happen.

Even though it first looked like a great solution for iPhone-compatible wireless charging, iQi failed to live up to its promises. Serious performance issues are preventing me from recommending it. This means that we’ll still need to wait for the next great solution.


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