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PROS: Great concept. Can be useful and fun. CONS: Similar to numerous other apps and services. Doesn’t bring anything innovative.

Even though Google can be of great help if you’ve got a question on your mind, you’ll need to do a certain research to get to the right answer. This has its upsides and downsides, but it certainly lacks a bit more friendly or social approach. On the other hand, you can ask anything you like and post messages on social networks, but this is not exactly what these networks are designed for. Luckily, there’s a new online service dedicated to giving questions and answers from real people. Continue reading to learn more about this interesting application.

If you’ve been browsing apps in the iOS App Store lately, you’ve probably noticed an app named Jelly. This app comes from a newly founded company called Jelly Industries, Inc. created by Twitter cofounder, Biz Stone. What’s interesting is that Jelly is completely free to download and use, and can be of real help in numerous different situations. Continue reading to see how this service works and what its limitations are.

Jelly 1

The first time you open Jelly, you’ll need to sign-in with your Twitter or Facebook account. If you’re interested in maximizing network reach, you can choose to include both of these networks. The next screen that you’ll be able to see is the “Ask a Question”, where you’ll see a camera screen ready to capture an image. Jelly is trying to emphasize this visual side of seeking answers, which seems helpful enough. After you’ve captured the image, you’ll see a text field over the top half or the image, which is where you can write your question and explanation. There’s a small circle in the bottom left corner of this field, indicating your current character limit. You can also tap on the link icon, which will take you to Jelly’s in-app browser where you can do some research. Now simply tap on “Send” and the rest of the Jelly network users will be able to provide you with an answer.

If you don’t have anything to ask, you can use Jelly to help other people with their questions. This app will show you a stack of cards that you can flick through, where every card contains a single entry. Simply pull the card downwards to delete it, but you can also answer it, and even send it via SMS, email, or by link.

There’s also a third aspect to this app and that’s ability to preview all the questions and answers as well. This way you can learn new things, cut a few spare minutes, and mark some good answers so they can get higher priority. Jelly’s users can also send you “Thank You” cards to thank you for your hard work.

Even though Jelly looks like a well though-out project, the truth is that there are numerous similar apps in the iOS App Store. This one doesn’t bring anything that innovative or particularity exciting, but Jelly can be useful enough if you make it your primary app of this kind. Plus, it’s completely free of charge which is always appreciated.


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