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If you like to create reminders on your iPhone in order not to forget about a certain to-do entry, you’re probably using Apple’s own Reminders app. This application is designed to be used as a to-do organizer which also brings customizable reminders. You can also do the same thing with Apple’s Calendar app, so these are two main ways to keep track of your day. Still, some people like to use a 3rd party solution and there are several reasons for this. Some 3rd party apps bring enhanced or unique features which are very appealing to users, and there are also those beautifully designed apps that you simply have to try. On the other hand, developers are trying hard to persuade you into using their apps which can’t be an easy task considering that you’ve got numerous tools already available on your iPhone, for free.

Later 1

In this article we’ll take a look at an application named Later. This app is designed to help you set up reminders, so you can get reminded at a specific time. You can download it for $1, and this app doesn’t bring any in-app purchases.

It’s clear that Later is inspired by Mailbox’s reminder system, where you postpone an email by choosing one of six buttons. The same idea is behind Later, so if you’re already using Mailbox you might instantly like this type of reminder system. Once you open this app, wanting to add a new reminder, you’ll be greeted with a very minimalistic interface. You can simply write a note on a blank background, and then choose one of six buttons which indicate due date (or time). These buttons are: Tomorrow, Later Today, Evening, and there are also options like This Weekend, and Next Week. You can also set up a date manually. What’s important to be said is that you can adjust all of these categories in order to fit your schedule, which is a nice and useful addition.

Later is created with a very simple idea on mind, so you shouldn’t confuse it with some other similar apps. This one is designed only to remind you of an event, so it can’t be used as a to-do list manager. This is where we get to a point when we need to compare it to Apple’s Reminders. The only thing that might persuade you into using Later is its barebones interface. On the other hand, you already got all of these features in your phone, and there are also some other incredible ones like geo-fencing. Also, you won’t be able to create recurring tasks with Later, which can be very problematic for many potential users.

The bottom line is that Later is a nicely designed app, but it can’t compete against Apple’s Reminders. Still, Later holds a lot of potential so it will be interesting to see its further development. For now, I don’t see a reason to spend any money on something that I already own.

PROS: Very minimalistic interface. Great concept.

CONS: Apple’s Reminders is more powerful. Obsolete in some ways.


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