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PROS: Lots of preloaded content. High level of fine-tuning and customization. User friendly. CONS: Dry and uninteresting tutorial.

If you’re one of those who like to share moments of their lives with others, than you’ll find tons of great apps in the iOS App Store. No matter what social network you use to share those moments, I am sure you’ll find a suitable app that takes all the advantages of a particular social network. Also, you can find photo and video editors, as well as some other great apps that allow you to create interesting graphics. Continue reading this article and you’ll get to learn about one of the most interesting apps from the category of animated photography.

Layered is designed to allow you to animate your photos, which you can easily export and publish. This app lets you add animated text, stickers, and music to your photos, so you can easily create something that resembles GIFs or some other type of animated photography. You can download Layered for $2, and there are no in-app purchases.

Layered 2

I am pretty sure you’ll be overwhelmed the first time you try Layered. This is because of its complicated tutorial that you need to go through. This tutorial will try to explain some main features, but you’ll end up reading lots of text in an effort to remember it. Luckily, once you start using this app you’ll see how interesting and fun it is, and you’ll surely spend a lot of time trying out different combinations and fine-tuning your animations.

The first step is to add a picture, which means that Layered will need your permission to access your photos. Simply select the one you’d like to edit and you’ll be presented with a toolbar of icons. These icons represent tools you can use, or differently said – these are all items you can insert onto the picture. You will be able to add text, stickers and icons, and a music track as well. When it comes to text you can use some preloaded slogans which are also nicely formatted, or you can write something on your own. The good news is that you’ll get to choose from over 30 fonts, and you can also apply color to your text. Stickers can be also animated or static, and there a lot to choose from.

In order to create an animation you can add as many items as you want, which will be separated into different layers. Animating things is very simple and all you have to do is press “REC” and move things around, or make them fade in/out. You can also add music, but you’ll be limited to your own iTunes library. Once you’re done editing, you can choose to share your creation on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also e-mail it.

It’s clear that Layered is a very fun and interesting application that will keep you occupied for hours. It brings lots of preloaded content and some very useful tools, so it will be up to you to create amazing pictures and videos. For only $2, Layered looks like a great deal.


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