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If you’re interested in keeping track of some aspects of your life, your iPhone can help you with that. There are all kinds of 3rd party trackers available, and they can help you automate keeping track of your workouts, health statistics, or dieting. These are usually devices that you can carry around all day long, so they can keep track of everything thanks to their sensors and manual input as well.

On the other hand, some users are not willing to use these wearable devices and they usually need something much simpler. It’s true that no matter what fitness tracker you choose to buy, you’ll need to keep your eye on its functionality and maintain it over time. So when it comes to simple statistics, you can turn to the iOS App Store where you can find some very useful apps, where some are are completely free of charge. One of those apps is Loggr.

Loggr 2

Loggr is basically allowing you to manually track various statistics. This app is incredibly simple, and maybe even oversimplified in some areas, which is something that many users will mind. However, Loggr brings interesting UI design and useful functionality, making it valuable for many who are interested in exactly this kind of tracking and statistics.

With Loggr it’s possible to add any kind of category, which means that there’s a lot of flexibility in this area. Simply tap on the “+” sign and you’ll be ready to create a new category, to which you can assign custom metrics. After you’ve done that, you can always input your own data in a certain time periods. This means that you’ll need to enter all of the information manually, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

To name a few examples, his app can be used to keep track of how many coffees you drink during one day, how many times you’ve been working out in a week, how many calories you’ve consumed, or how many books you’ve read. Basically, anything you can imagine. You will be able to track your progress over time since Loggr allows you to see charts and graphs, which can be customized to a particular category. This way you can see averages and totals, and well as several types of graphs.

As you can imagine, this app also comes with some issues. First, you’ll need to do all of your input manually, there’s no way to automate or add recurring items. Next, there’s no option to include negative values, and there’s no passcode protection. I’ve been told by a developer that these issues will be resolved in the future, which is something that I look forward to. Also, you’ll be able to see its orange theme which can be hard on eyes for some, but the good news is that more themes and colors are coming.

Even though it has some shortcomings, Loggr is still a very valuable tool. Some parts of your life need manual tracking, so this is where you can put this app to a good use.

PROS: Very interesting concept. Can be very useful. Clean and simple UI.

CONS: Limited in some ways. Can’t add negative values. Needs some kind of privacy protection.


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