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PROS: Several highly useful and unique features. Search filters. Attachments preview. Nicely designed UI. Good performance. CONS: None really.

When it comes to iOS e-mail clients, there’s a lot to choose from. If you take a look at this side of the iOS App Store, you’ll be surprised by how powerful some of these applications are. There are many of them who can’t be even compared with the built-in Mail app, which now seems very plain and even outdated in some ways. Another interesting thing is that this part of the App Store is in constant and rapid development, so if you take a look at it in one months’ time I am sure you’ll get to see some exciting newcomers. This is why we decided to take another look at the App Store, and try MailDeck for ourselves.

MailDeck is one of the newest additions to the iOS App Store, and it already managed to win over numerous critics and reviewers. I’ve tried a lot of iOS e-mail clients, so I already know what to expect when it comes to powerful apps of this kind, but I was still surprised by how useful this app is. Continue reading to find out more.

MailDeck 1

As you can assume, the first step with MailDeck is signing into your mail account. Even though this screen is fairly simple and plain, I saw that designers of MailDeck decided to adopt flat design principles and very colorful palette. I needed just a couple of seconds to set everything up, since this app is able to automatically download all of the needed information. It will also need some of your permissions to use some built-in iOS apps, which is up to you to decide if you’re comfortable with. It’s clear that this app is trying to be very transparent and give you warnings and friendly messages about privacy, which is something that many users will appreciate.

Once you get to the main screen you’ll see a selection of color-coded tabs in the top part of this app. For example, these can be the Inbox, sent mail, folders, spam, and similar. Right bellow you’ll find some viewing options, which were very surprising to me. You’ll get to use decks, preview mode, and list mode to see all your messages, and the same goes for viewing attachments. This can be especially helpful once you add several e-mail accounts, so you can easily preview and create search filters to find your way around multiple inboxes. I was also pleased with search capabilities and introduction of filters, which is not something that you can normally expect from an iOS e-mail app.

Even though MailDeck is free to download and use, it will come with support for ads. You can remove these ads for $5 per year, which also unlocks additional features like Exchange support and personalized e-mail signatures. Even though these ads are not that annoying and obtrusive, I recommend trying out and purchasing the premium package which seems like an excellent deal. This app can be easily compared to some OSX desktop e-mail clients, and you’ll surely enjoy using it.


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