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PROS: Very easy to set up and use. Long battery life. Provides very precise and accurate data. Large database of available plants. Nicely designed iOS app. CONS: High priced.

The green thumbs who might be reading this article will be happy to know that there’s a very interesting accessory for their iOS devices which can help them grow them plants. I bet you never believed that an iOS device will be capable of giving you valuable and real-time tracking details, but as it turns out – there are some very creative designers and developers who made this happen.

Parrot’s Flower Power is a nicely designed device that provides real-time data and lets you see information like the current temperature, moisture, sunlight, and fertilizer found in the soil where you’ve planted some plants. This is basically a large sensor which connects with its own database in order to provide you with some very interesting and truly useful information and advice. Continue reading to see how this device works and if it’s worth its price tag of $80.

Flower Power 2

Parrot has designed its Flower Power to look organic and not to stand out once you place it between your plants. There’s a plastic top side which looks like a small plant, while the bottom side is flat so you can easily stick it into the ground. There’s no installation needed, so all you need to do is to place one AAA battery inside. Once you place it you’ll see a small light signalizing that Flower Power has started collecting data, so any further control can be done though its free iOS app.

Before looking into the iOS app, I need to take a moment to tell you that not every iOS device will be compatible with this system. You’ll be able to use it with the iPhone 4S and up, and the iPad 3 and up. This includes all the iPad Minis as well. Now, once you’ve downloaded and started the app you’ll need to set up some basic settings. The first step is to choose the exact type of plant you plan on monitoring. You can also select what type of ground a plant has its roots in, and some other smaller details. You should expect the first results to be available after 24hrs of continuous monitoring, but in the meantime you’ll be able to see some real-time data including temperature, moisture, and available sunlight.

With each new day you’ll get to see a detailed report on how’s your plant growing. This way the Flower Power will tell you if a plant needs more water, or if needs more sunlight. This data can be seen as graphs for a certain time periods, which makes it easier to keep track in the long term. You can find a lot of practical experiences around the web, and they all agree that this device is very accurate and provides very useful information. The big part of this is that you’ll get to use a database of 7,000 plants which are providing practical information and comparisons to your own plant.

The only downside to Flower Power is its price of $80 per single unit. Even if you’re just an enthusiast who likes to work in a garden, I am sure you’ll need at least 5 of these devices to cover the area. Even though this is a very valuable tool, it is a large investment.


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