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PROS: Very interesting concept. Easy and fun to use. A lot of preloaded content. CONS: Could be more elaborate, some features are missing.

We can all spend quite a lot of time discussing how iPhones changed the way we look at smartphones, and for the most part this would be perfectly true. If you try to think about phones that were available before the original iPhone appeared on the market, I am sure you’ll be surprised by how this evolution has become increasingly fast. One of the ways this smartphone changed our daily lives is mobile photography. Today’s iPhone can be compared to some professional cameras, and I am sure you’ve heard professional photographers praising iPhone’s lenses and optics and how powerful they can be.

Another important aspect of iPhone’s photography is availability of iOS photo editors. This is one side of the App Store that continues to amaze me, and I am always interested in trying out new and innovative photo editors. If you continue reading this article you’ll get to learn about the newest editor, called Prism ($3).

Prism 2

If I tell you that Prism is an iOS photo editor that brings filters, I am pretty sure you won’t be surprised. After all, there are thousands of similar apps to this one, and they all bring pre-designed templates that you can simply apply to your images. What’s interesting about Prism is the way you’re able to apply a filter, and this is something that I haven’t encountered before.

One of the first important things that I need to mention about Prism is that this isn’t a typical photo editor. This means that you won’t be able to fine-tune some basic aspects on an image like brightness, color, contrast, and similar. This app is dedicated to filters and their color coordination.

The first thing you’ll see once you launch Prism is the latest photo from your Camera Roll. If you swipe across that image you’ll see that you can select others from this particular folder, but if you spin the dial underneath you’ll get to scroll more images at once. This function is designed for those whose Camera Roll is filled with hundreds of photos. As you can assume, you can also take a picture right within this app. Now it’s time to apply some filters. This can be done by using the dial, where you’ll need to tap on the center so you can pick a color group. The outer ring brings ability to fine-tune a certain color, so you can find the exact one that brings a certain mood to your photo. The inner ring is there to select a filter that goes best with the overall color you’ve picked. According to official statements by Prism, this app brings 14 color groups and 128 pre-designed filters. In other words, you’ll spend a lot of time playing with this app and finding the most suitable filters.

There are some features that I felt are missing from Prism. For example, it would be great to fine-tune filters and choose their opacity. Also, it would be great if there’s an option to save some filter positions so you can create your own list of favorites. And finally, some very basic photo editing would be welcome. Even with all this said, I still believe that Prism has a lot to offer. I am sure many will be happy to add this photo editor to their photography selection of apps. 


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