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PROS: Detailed and engaging environments. Very fun gameplay. Great price. CONS: None.

Creating a nicely looking and fun game for an iOS device isn’t any easier than creating for some other platforms or a game console. It takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication in order to provide a polished iOS game, but even that won’t help it achieve high ratings. That’s why a reviews like this can be of great help, since these articles can help you discover interesting games which you not might find otherwise.

Rocket ROBO is an interstellar adventure game that brings lots of fun, made by Aaron McElligott. I am sure you’ll recognize Aaron’s name is you’re a gamer who likes to investigate console games a bit deeper and to learn more about all the artists who participated in development. Aaron is a well-known console gaming environmental artist, and his talent really shines through Rocket ROBO’s visuals.

Rocket ROBO 2

The main idea behind this game is to help Rocket ROBO navigate thought 57 levels of complex environments by collecting stars. A few first levels will help you learn to navigate through 2.5D background, and believe me when I tell you that even though these controls are simple enough, there are numerous things that you achieve with this robot. Also, these first levels are designed to resemble arts and crafts environment, which means that you’ll be able to fly through woven walls and jump off bouncy sponges. It’s also very important to highlight that you’ll experience numerous different environments throughout the game, with some more traditional intergalactic-inspired themes as you progress forward. You’ll actually go through three worlds named Material World, Space Station, and Sugar Cube.

When it comes to complexity of controls, they might seem complicated at first. You’ll need to go through a couple of levels to practice these controls. For example, by tapping the screen you’ll activate ROBO’s thrusters, and by tilting your device you’ll steer him. You can also easily move between the foreground and background. Some levels require specific controls, so for example you’ll be able to push parts of the world, rotate them, and you can play with water as well.

It’s clear by now that this game brings enjoyable graphics and thoughtfully designed controls, so let’s say a few words about the gameplay. Just like you can expect by now, it’s clear that a lot of thought has been put into creating interesting story that stretches through all 57 levels. I assure you that you’ll have a great time playing this game, since every single level is exciting, interestingly designed, and completely pulls you into the game. In some ways this game reminded me of Super Mario Galaxy, but I think that I enjoyed more in Rocket ROBO’s adventures.

You can download Rocket ROBO from the iOS App Store for only $1. The best thing is that there are no in-app purchases, which I was surprised with. Considering its price and how fun and interesting this game is, I strongly recommend trying it.


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