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PROS: Very easy and effortless installation. Compatibility with mounts. Includes a small magnet. CONS: Doesn’t provide a screen guard. Buttons and ports are left exposed.

If you’re the owner of the iPhone 5C and if you searched for a rugged case that’s compatible with your phone, you’ve seen that there are much fewer models available than before. This is because most manufacturers decided to offer cases for the iPhone 5S/5, since these phones are currently the most popular iPhones worldwide. After these cases are released, some manufacturers try to re-design them to be compatible with the iPhone 5C. There are also many cases which are iPhone 5S/5 exclusive, so you’re simply out of luck sometimes.

If you’re looking for a rugged case for your iPhone 5C, this article might help you with your search. We’ll be taking a look at RokBed V3, made by Rokform. This company is known for a wide range of rugged cases, which are mostly very protective and nicely designed as well. RokBed V3 is priced at $40, and it’s already available for purchase.

RokBed V3 1

This case is designed to look quite militaristic, and I believe that designers succeed in creating that particular look. It looks and feels very rugged and sturdy, and the moment I took it in my hand I felt that this case will be able of providing incredible protection to my phone. In the packaging you’ll receive the case consisted of two main parts, made from injection molded polycarbonate, as well as a screen wipe. You can also purchase combos which include a magnetic car mounting kit, or a colorful magnetic kit.

The process of installation is fairly simple. You’ll need to remove the bottom cap and gently slide your phone into the top portion of the case. The case will gently grip your phone, and I noticed that it’s designed with special attention to details which can be seen around the iPhone’s screen. You won’t receive any screen guard, so if you want to protect your phone from all sides you’ll need to spend some extra money. As I said in the previous paragraph, you can also buy a combo which contains a magnetic car mounting kit. If you take a closer look at the pictures you’ll see the large opening around the Apple logo, on the back side of the phone. You can remove the plastic piece that comes with the case, and insert the car mount. Right bellow this circular piece you’ll find a small magnet, which means that you can stick your phone onto some surfaces which can be helpful in some situations.

RokBed V3 3

The only thing that I didn’t like about this case is that it doesn’t provide any shock-absorbent layer which is usually made of rubber. As it turns out, all the buttons and ports are left exposed which is odd for a rugged case. I still feel that RokBed V3 is able of providing excellent protection, but these small details would still make a great difference.

Even though there are some small limitations to this case, RokBed V3 is still a good purchase. For $40 you’ll receive an excellent protection for your iPhone 5C. The other important selling point is that this case is compatible with a range of mounting kits made by Rokform, which can be very useful for some potential users.



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