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A while back we reviewed Orbotix’s Sphero, which was an incredible toy powered by your iOS device. You can already find numerous remote control cars and other toys, even in the online Apple Store, but these are mostly replicating traditional physical controls onto the iOS’ screen. What was interesting about Sphero is that it brought an entire ecosystem of apps which were designed to add functionality or enhance gameplay. There are Sphero’s apps being developed right now, which tells you that this is ongoing project that will be worth even more in the future.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at another playful iOS accessory, and this one is named Romo. Even though it looks like a remote car, you’ll soon see that it brings some innovative and unique features to your iOS device. Romo, made by Romotive, can be purchased for $150 and comes in two versions. The one is compatible with 30-pin connectors, while the other one comes with the Lightning plug.

Romo 1

Romo is a mobile robotic platform designed to look like a tank. It’s about 5.5” long, 4.5” wide, and 2” tall, without an iPhone placed on top. As you can see from the pictures there are two rubber tire treads, while in the center there’s the plug onto which you need to place your phone. However, you won’t be able to use any cases, which need to be removed every time you decide to play with Romo. There’s also a battery included that lasts for two hours on a single charge.

In order to power up Romo, you’ll need to download its official iOS app. This is when you’ll see a cartoonish face which will greet you. You’ll get to hear who Romo is and where it came from, as well as what is its main mission on our planet. I won’t discover much about this story and will leave it for you to explore. You’ll get to go through a series of missions that tech basic programming. For example, you can make Romo walk a bit, rotate, or even tilt its head which is the placed iPhone. As you progress further you’ll discover more complex operations, so Romo will be able to walk by following a certain path, respond to your face, and much more. This little device is incredibly fun, but what’s most important is that it brings very interesting and useful educational aspect.

Romo 2

In case you own a second iOS app in your household, you can use it to download Romo Control and use it as a virtual remote control. It brings some very interesting features including live view of the primary iPhone’s front facing camera.

Romo will certainly bring you a lot of fun, and your kids will be amazed by it. This is not something that you’ll get bored with after a while since you’ll be discovering new things to do all the time. The only thing that I didn’t like are its high price, inability to use iPhones placed inside cases, and its two hour battery life.


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