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PROS: Uniquely designed UI, very impressive. Great soundtrack. CONS: Can be slow and lethargic at times. Takes just a few hours to complete.

Even though there are some game types that are constantly popular, at least by looking at the App Store rankings, from time to time a new game appears and takes all the attention. Tengami ($5) is the newest example of this situation, and I am sure that you’ve noticed this game on the front page of the iOS App Store, or at least you’ve encountered some opinions about it and reviews around the web. We decided to download and try Tengami for ourselves, so in this article you’ll get to see our opinions about this popular game.

From the moment your start Tengami you’ll find yourself in a completely different word, that’s incredibly stylized and fantastic. I assure you that you’ll be amazed by its graphics, which is unique and very eye-catching. I am not sure if there’s a similar game in the App Store, but even after reviewing lots of games I haven’t encountered the one that looks like Tengami.

Tengami 2

The main premise of this game is that you’ll need to travel through the Japanese-inspired pop-up book, so you’ll need to unfold fantastic sceneries that can be interacted with. You’ll need to solve a series of puzzles in order to advance. When it comes to controls, they are very simple, easy to learn and intuitive. Simply tap twice to move to a place, and then you can tap on a glowing object to interact with it. New levels can be unfolded by swiping across the screen, which creates amazingly interesting animations. All of this is accompanied by calming and Zen-like music that will soothe you. It can be easily said that Tengami is a real piece of art, and a perfect example of interesting graphic design in games.

What’s important to be said is that Tengami isn’t made for those who enjoy fast paced action or racing games. This is a very calming game that requires a lot of patience and thinking. For example, the main character moves slowly across the screen, which can be annoying at times. However, I really didn’t mind this slow movement since it gave me some time to enjoy in fantastic paper-constructed backdrops. When it comes to puzzles, they are very interesting at first but you’ll be able to figure out the way they work so they can become much less challenging as the game goes on. I believe this is the main issue I had with this game, since this feels like a missed opportunity to make the gameplay memorable and more enjoyable. The other thing that I didn’t like is that this game is quite short. If you’re focused on playing it, you’ll be able to finish it in just a couple of hours. Re-playing it wasn’t really the option since the gameplay isn’t that much challenging.

The biggest selling point of Tengami is its graphics, which really deserves to be experienced. I only wished for gameplay to be a bit more challenging and more diverse, and to last more than a few hours.



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