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PROS: Visually pleasing UI. Incredibly fun gameplay. Fluid animations. CONS: Battery drain.

When it comes to iOS gaming it seems that there are several types of players, at least according to iOS App Store rankings. Two categories seem to stand alone during all this time, with some other games that appear popular for a while. One of those categories are hardcore action or strategy games which bring amazing graphics. These games are the best showcase of how powerful and rich in graphics iOS really is. On the other end there is a completely different game type and those are puzzle games. Even though puzzles came in different forms and gameplay types, these games are constantly popular and beloved by casual and hardcore iOS gamers.

In this article you’ll get to learn more about one of the most popular puzzle games in the App Store. This game has been one of the top-selling for a while now and it seems that users are simply in love with it. Threes! is a game that brings lots of fun, even if you’re not really a numbers person.

Threes! 2

First, a few words on how this game actually works and then we’ll tell you more about its UI design. The main goal of Threes is to match different numbers which need to be multiplies of three. There are “1” and “2” and multiplies of these numbers on the board, but you can’t match these. You’ll need to slide across the screen in order to match and add numbers. This way you can eliminate columns, so that a new column overlaps with the next one in a hope that you’ll get multiples of three and eliminate them. Even though this might sound a bit confusing while you’re read about it, the game is very easy to play and you don’t really have to be a numbers person to succeed. Of course, your math skills will get better over time, allowing you to get higher scores and brag about it. Once you finish a game you’ll get to post your score on Twitter or through Apple’s Game Center, which is also where you can take a peek at the leaderboard.

Even though it’s clear that Threes brings very fun and interesting gameplay, another important part of this experience is its UI design. Threes brings flat and simplistic interface, that’s really enjoyable to look at. It nicely complements interesting and fluid animations, which are also made to work with very calm music and sound effects. It’s clear that a developer took its time to think through different parts of this game, since it brings highly enjoyable and well-rounded experience.

The only thing that concerns me when it comes to Threes is that it’s able of draining the battery. This is why you can select “battery conservation” mode, but this will have negative impact of animations which are normally very fluid.

Threes can be purchased for only $2, which is its introductory price. Finally, it’s also important to say that there are no in-app purchases, which is something I always appreciate.


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