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PROS: Automatic and manual sorting options. Very intuitive UI. Can be of great assistance. CONS: Doesn’t support videos. Photo editing still to come.

We all use our phones to take photos on multiple occasions. In fact, I am pretty sure that your iPhone is the most used camera in your household, and there are several reasons for this. The newest iPhone generation brings amazing camera quality, capable of competing against some professional cameras. However, in order to create a very pleasurable experience, Apple also took care of iOS and its software side which is able of storing and editing images. There’s also Photo Stream which allows you to share your photos with friends and family. On the other hand, thousands of iOS app developers are constantly bringing very powerful editing and sharing applications, giving even more good reasons to take the iPhone next time you’d like to capture a moment.

We already brought you numerous reviews of iOS photo editing apps, and we covered many popular ones. BWhen it comes to organizing images on your phone, these editing apps sometimes provide some sort of organization or hierarchy, but there are also some very useful standalone apps designed only to help you sort out the mess of your Camera Roll. Continue reading this article to learn more about one of those apps, named Tidy.

Tidy 1

Tidy is a free iOS app (doesn’t come with any in-app purchases) that’s designed to help you organize your Camera Roll. Even though you can use some built-in iOS features to create albums and store images into them, that’s pretty much everything that you’ll be able to do without a 3rd party app. Tidy is here to provide you with a range of helpful features and all kinds of sorting options, so you can easily keep track of your images and create new albums once you take a bunch of new photos from an event.

The first time you start Tidy, you’ll get to see several sorting options. For example, you can immediately sort them according to a time when you’ve taken photos, location, or by shape. All of these categories come with sub-level adjustments, so when it comes to location you’ll get to get to pick from 1 mile up to 600 miles of range. When it comes to shape sorting, Tidy is able of recognizing screenshots, portraits, panoramas, and squares.

If you’re not willing to allow Tidy to automatically sort your photos, you can do that all by yourself. You can arrange photos into albums, and then choose from several formatting options (4 columns, 3 columns, or collage).

What needs to be highlighted about Tidy is how nicely designed and user friendly it is. You’ll get to see live preview of your photos, so you can easily navigate albums or automatic sorting options. In case you’ve got a lot of photos in your Camera Roll, my advice is to try Tidy. It’s completely free of charge, and provides valuable sorting options. Some of these features are so helpful that I only hope that Apple will decide to implement them in the next version of iOS.


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