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PROS: Compact and retractable. Great build quality. Very usable. CONS: A bit pricey.

By now we reviewed several of Twelve South’s products, and for the most part we were very impressed by them. This company is known for some very interesting and uniquely designed iPhone and iPad cases, among other products. A while back, Twelve South presented very popular Compass stand, which managed to achieve big success. Now it’s time for the next generation of this stand, which is something we expected from this company considering that there are several products which were upgraded and sold as a new generation.

Compass 2 is priced at $40, which means that you can find some more affordable stands, but what you should know is that this stand is made of steel and this is probably one of the most quality made stands I’ve encountered. In comparison to the previous generation there are some small but visible changes and improvements. The most visible change is that Compass 2 is noticeably heavier, weighing 8.2 ounces. You can also notice those large rubber segments, which are now much larger than before. The main role of these rubber contact surfaces is to keep your tablet firmly in its place, and this stand is doing a very good job at that. Also, this generation is much less shinier than before, and comes with a matte texture that feels nice in hand. Just like with the previous generation, you’ll receive a carrying case, but this one is made of nylon.

Compass 2 1

The biggest advantage of this stand is its construction. You will be able to fold it when not in use, and place the whole stand into a carrying bag. This kind of mobility is very important to some, and not many iPad stands can offer this functionality. On the other hand, even though it’s somewhat small, retractable, and mobile, Compass 2 is still very sturdy and firm. Simply pull the rear leg into its locking position until it clicks. The two front legs stand about 1.4” closer together, which means that you can use iPad minis as well. Another important thing to mention is that Compass 2 will lift your tablet more than 1.1” off the ground, meaning that you can plug in the Lightning cable and charge it. Also, you will be able to use two viewing angles, and both in landscape and portrait orientation. You can easily use a typing position by lifting a small arm located in the rear leg, so you can simply transform it. Both of these positions are very enjoyable and what’s most important is that Compass 2 doesn’t get wobbly in any situation.

Even though it brings some interesting improvements, I am not sure I can recommend Compass 2 to those who already own the first generation. On the other hand, if you think about purchasing a stand designed like this, Compass 2 is currently the best choice available. Even though it’s priced at $40, which is a bit high for a stand, it offers great design, excellent build quality, and great functionality.


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