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PROS: Nicely designed UI. Lots of useful tools. More powerful than Apple’s Notes. CONS: Interface can get a bit overcrowded at times. Themes are not as attractive.

You can use some of iOS’ built-in tools to write down a note or set up a reminder. The main problem with these is that they offer great functionality, but it is split into several different apps. I guess that Apple wanted to create several tools in order to ease up daily routine for an average user, which means that advanced users are usually looking for an alternative. Luckily, the iOS App Store offers some great solutions, and you’ll get to choose from thousands of useful apps.

UpWord Notes (currently priced at $1) is promising to bring a fresh idea to iOS note taking. It’s not only made for advanced users, but for everyone who needs to write down some ideas or create to-do lists, all within one single app. Continue reading to learn more about its interface and usability.

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UpWord Notes brings nicely designed flat interface which fits nicely with iOS7. Even though you’ll get to use several themes, the main one seems the most interesting to me. Light design and readable typography are the main characteristics of this app’s design, which might be a bit overcrowded at times due to numerous tools and features.

You’ll get to go through a tutorial the first time you open UpWord Notes, but I am sure many of you can skip it since this app is very intuitive and it’s a real pleasure discovering its great features. The first thing you might want to do though is to set up your Dropbox account, since this is the only way to sync your notes. UpWord Notes will create its own folder where notes are going to be stored, and this is something that you won’t be allowed to change.

If we compare this app with Apple’s Notes, the main difference is that you can create folders and organize your ideas. Every time you tap on the + button you’ll get to choose if you’d like to create a new note of a new folder. When it comes to composing a new note, you’ll get to use some very interesting formatting options. For example, you can swipe left to turn a line into a bullet, or you can keep swiping to preview other styles. If you place “!!!” in front of a line it will be marked as important, and if you place “>” a line will become bold. Once you’re finished editing, you can swipe right in order to put a strikethrough, and you can even pull down across the screen so those lines that you marked as done will be deleted.

Besides using UpWord Notes as a note taking and to-do app, you can also use it as a reminder. You’ll get to choose from several options for when you need to be reminded, and this works very well in practice.

Finally, it also needs to be said that this app comes with a very comprehensive settings, so you will be able to customize appearance, change the font and size, toggle night mode, set up category options and default reminder times.

It’s very hard for a developer to create an app that competes against Apple’s own solution, but it seems that UpWord Notes is one of the best examples. It’s very usable and packed with great tools, so I strongly recommend trying it out.


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