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PROS: Offers great protection. Easy and effortless installation. Provides the screen film as well. Great value. CONS: Not waterproof.

For the most part Zagg is known for some very quality made and very useful keyboard cases, compatible with various iPad models. We had a chance of reviewing several of these cases, and we found them to be great competitors to similar products. You might not know this, but Zagg also offers iPhone cases through their iFrogz brand. In this article we’ll review the first Zagg-branded iPhone case, which is designed to compete against rugged cases like Otterbox’s Defender and Griffin’s Survivor.

Zagg Arsenal is designed for the iPhone 5/5S, and it’s priced at $50. You can find it in several color combinations, but if you decide to purchase it right now you’ll get to choose from black and white variants. Other color options like blue, green, and pink will be available shortly. In comparison to Otterbox’s Defender which is made of hard rubber, Arsenal case is made of plastics. It comes in several layers which need to be assembled around your phone, which will take a couple of minutes of your time. The back plate is made of plastic and before placing it on your phone you’ll need to place the rubber lining into it. This layer is designed to absorb shocks, and seems thick enough to successfully protect your iPhone. Simply place your phone onto the rubber lining and then place the back plate. When it comes to the front frame, you simply need to push it until it clicks into the back piece. This will create a rather deep lip around the screen, designed to help protect it against scratches.

Zagg Arsenal 2

What’s also important to notice is that you’ll receive the InvisibleShield screen film, which is a nice surprise considering that rugged cases usefully offer some cheap alternatives. The screen film is a separate component, so you can choose whether you’d like to use it or not. The only odd thing that I noticed is that the film is designed not to go all the way to the screen’s edges, since it stops a bit short on all four sides. This doesn’t create any input issues, but instead it is a rather visual imperfection.

When it comes to button and port coverage, Arsenal takes care of this successfully. The rubber lining actually sticks out along the iPhone’s edges. It protects the sleep/wake button on the top side, and forms a very tight flap on the bottom side in order to protect the ports. However, this doesn’t mean that Arsenal is waterproof, so you shouldn’t make this mistake. Even though these flaps can protect the ports against occasion splash of water, they are not waterproof. Another important thing to say is that all buttons are still very tactile and responsive, and all flaps around ports provide generous openings so you can use even 3rd party Lightning cables which are usually a bit larger than Apple’s own.

Zagg’s Arsenal is a great buy. For only $50 you’ll get a rugged case that successfully protects your phone. It’s clear that Zagg once again managed to create a very useful product that many users are going to love.



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