Anker’s TC930 Keyboard Case
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  • Anker’s TC930 Keyboard Case
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PROS: Nicely designed. Quality made. Very functional and useful. CONS: Problematic case compatibility.

During the last couple of months we’ve seen some of the most stylishly designed iPad-compatible keyboards. This specific category of iOS accessories has become one of the toughest to succeed in, so manufacturers are employing some well-known designers to create unique and appealing products. Perhaps the best known company that recently unveiled some interestingly designed keyboards is Logitech, and we already brought you a review of Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. In this article you’ll get to learn more about a product that comes from not as known company, but which is trying hard to compete against Logitech’s products.

Anker has recently released its TC930 keyboard, which already received some positive feedback. We decided to take it for a test, and to bring you our observations. This keyboard case is priced at $80, but you can also find it more affordably priced at some online resellers.

Anker TC930 1

Just by looking at it, it’s clear that TC930 is trying to compete with Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. It’s also interesting to note that some aspects of this product were influenced by Apple’s Smart Cover, which creates a very interesting and unusual combination. Still, this product is not just a copy of some bestsellers, since it also comes with its own identity. Continue reading to find more details.

Anker’s TC930 is basically a cover for your iPad Air that’s also containing a keyboard inside. You can connect the tablet via strong magnets and very reliable connection placed on of the longer sides. This way you can close the lid and transform the tablet into a small notebook-looking device. The lid is fully made of aluminum and feels very sturdy and firm. Also, the lid is as thick as the iPad itself, which means that it will double its size. However, this is not an issue and it actually feels nice in hand. My overall impression is that this product is very quality made, and I hope you’ll be able to use it for a long time.

Once you decide to use the keyboard, you’ll need to unlatch the tablet and place it into the built-in support on the keyboard itself. This will make a plastic support pop up behind the iPad, holding it firmly at 60 degrees angle. When it comes to typing, I was very pleasantly surprised by how functional this keyboard is. There are five rows of keys, where the iOS-specific function keys are combined with the numbers in the top row. The layout is also very functional and feels natural, which means that there’s almost no adjustment period needed. All the keys are fully sized, except for the top row, which has become the standard for iPad-compatible cases.

The only thing that I mind when it comes to TC930 is that you won’t be able to use any iPad cases. In other words, this means that the tablet will be always exposed to damages and scratches, at least from its back side.

In overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this product. For an iPad keyboard, it’s very quality made and fully functional. I am sure many will enjoy using this keyboard case.


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