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PROS: Quality made, very firm. Interesting design enhancement. CONS: Severely overpriced.

When it comes to purchasing the Lightning cable, many people are conflicted. The thing is that Apple’s prices are very high for something basic as a cable, no matter how technologically advanced it is. On the other hand, most of us will need at least one additional cable mostly because the original one that you receive once you purchase an iOS device will ultimately wear out. If you plan on using some 3rd party accessories, than you’ll need more than one, so you can do the math and decide if you need an Apple-certified cable or one of those cheaper products.

When you go out to buy a new Lightning cable, you’ll face three main categories which bring their own competitive prices. Apple’s official cable is priced at $19, while you can find it at $18 on Amazon and some other resellers. You can also purchase certified cables which are cheaper only a couple of dollars, but you can never be sure if it will serve you for a long time. And there are also those cheap ones, which are knockoffs really. These cables will work normally, but you’ll need to deal with very annoying iOS’ pop-up messages which are saying that you’re using uncertified accessory.

Bad Elf Charge & Sync Cable 2

If you continue reading this article, we’ll tell you more about one of those 3rd party certified cables. This one is named Bad Elf Charge & Sync Cable, and it’s strangely priced at $30. This one is promising to bring enhanced design, so let’s see what we’re dealing with here.

On a first look I felt that this cable is nicely build, very sturdy and firm. I’ve had a chance of reviewing 1 meter long cable, but you’ll soon be able to purchase a longer version as well. Just as you expect, it terminates in a USB plug on one end, and a Lightning connector on the other side. Instead of the Lightning plug extending straight out like with other cables, this one is angled in such manner that it’s actually parallel to the rest of the body.

According to Bad Elf, there are several advantages to this unusual design. The biggest one is that this cable should serve you for a long time, since this design actually reduces strain on the cable. Another interesting feature is that it’ll be easier to use some 3rd party accessories like car mounts for example. This way it will be easier to neatly tuck the cable behind the phone, which can be really helpful in some everyday situations.

I’m aware of how important it is to design a product that will stand out in today’s very crowded market. In terms of this aspect, Bad Elf’s Lightning cable is a success. In terms of everyday usability and potential success on the market, I am not sure if this product will achieve success. The main obstacle is its price of $30, which is unreasonably high. Even though it brings some clever design enhancements, they are not extra $10 worth, so I would rather purchase an official Apple’s product instead.


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