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PROS: Brings a lot of preloaded content. Very use to use. Implements CanvasPop. CONS: None really.

When it comes to photography, one of the biggest changes that iPhones brought is easy editing. Before iOS appeared and before it became as popular and capable as today, you needed to know your way around Photoshop or some similar app in order to create interesting effects and photo adjustments. Now you can take a look at the iOS App Store where you can find thousands of high quality apps designed to ease up photo editing, so everyone can use it today. Even if you don’t know anything about the process of image editing, these apps will help you achieve even professional-grade results.

Brushstroke, by Code Organa, is a photo editing app that transforms your images into paintings. This is one of those specialized iOS apps, which is designed to bring a single photo effect. Still, even though it comes with only one role, it’s very capable and can be used as a standard editor as well. You can download Brushstroke from the iOS App Store for $3.

First, let’s see how and for exactly what you can use this app. The first screen you’re going to see has only two icons which allow you take an image or import from the Camera Roll. As you can see, this app doesn’t bring a tutorial to explain some of its features, but I believe this is a good decision since Brushstroke is very easy to use and intuitive as well. Before starting to work on your image, you’ll be able to crop it.

The main editing screen comes with four main categories: Paint, Color, Canvas, and Adjustments. The latter one brings the standard set of tools like brightness adjustment, saturation, highlights, color temperature, and similar. The main part of this app is certainly the Paint category. This is where you can apply some artsy filters which are lined up in a ribbon, and which are presented as thumbnails. There is quite a selection of interesting filters, but what I didn’t like is that I was unable to fine-tune any of them. All the filters are as they are, and there’s no way to change their opacity or some other feature.

Color is the next step, where you can apply color-oriented filters. This can create some very interesting combinations with filters from the Paint category, so you’ll get a lot of content to play with. And finally, Canvases is the background texture that you can apply to your photo. You can choose traditional canvas design, paper, or some other surfaces.

Brushstroke 2

What’s also important to say is that this app uses a service called CanvasPop, which can print your edited image onto a canvas and ship you the actual painting. This is a very nice and welcomed addition, even though you can also simply share your image across different social networks.

It’s evident that Brushstroke brings a lot of content for a fairly reasonable price. If you’re interested in creating painting-like effects with your images, this is the app you need to try. I am sure you’ll be very satisfied.


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