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PROS: Nicely designed UI, with some questionable design decisions. Can be of help to some users. CONS: Doesn’t bring anything new or innovative.

The world of Twitter provides huge amounts of news and discussions on a daily basis. This social network has become one of the most important tools of communication in today’s fast paced world, and it’s easy to realize this once you log into your account and see your main feed view that’s usually filled with hundreds of tweets. In order to stay on top of this information flow, many developers tried to create apps that filter the news and customize Twitter to your needs. Even though this might look simple enough, it’s actually very hard to create a fully functioning application that can truly enhance the way we use this social network.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at, which can be found right on the front page of the iOS App Store, at least for a couple of days now. The main idea behind this app is to provide a view into the world of Twitter by allowing you to keep track of the most popular topics. You can do this by not having a Twitter account, or without logging into one, so it’s completely anonymous which is exactly what makes this application interesting.

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Upon the first launch of you’ll be immersed into numerous tweets and you’ll see that there’s a lot of going on right under your fingertips. I hoped that some kind of tutorial will come up, but sadly this simply didn’t happen. Even though this app isn’t complicated and I am sure that you’ll find your way around, not everyone knows how Twitter works and this app is made also for those who didn’t want to join this social network. This is why I was surprised to see that there’s no tutorial. Once you dig deeper into this app you’ll see that there’s a left-positioned menu which contains trending topics, and you can use one of them to read what people are saying. This whole app is based on trending hashtags, simply said.

Once you choose a trending topic you’ll get to see the main view. On the top there’s going to be one large image which represents the topic, and numerous chronologically organized tweets that will appear right underneath. You can read tweets by swiping upwards, and you can also pull-to-refresh to get the newest tweets in the main view. Once you get to the bottom of the timeline you’ll automatically make load up another batch of tweets.

What’s also important to say is that any links that are attached to a specific tweet are fully clickable. This will open up in-app browser where the content will be displayed. You can also easily share any content using the native iOS Share Sheet.

Even though this app seems interesting enough, it doesn’t really bring any real value. What this means is that is a fun app that’s created for those who are invested in Twitter’s global trends. Sometimes you’ll find something interesting among these topics, but other times you’ll just shut down this app and return to your regular Twitter app.


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