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PROS: Beautifully designed. Clever combination of traditional design and modern technology. Very functional. CONS: None.

Every time I get a premium-grade case for a review, I always get very excited. I personally believe that, if you really care about your tablet and want to keep it perfectly protected, it’s completely justifiable to spend extra for a premium-grade case. Of course, not every case is the same and each product has its upsides and downsides, but most of these cases are hand-made and provide pristine looks and great build quality.

A while back we brought you two interesting articles about products made by DODOcase. This company is known for a very nicely designed and hand-made iPad and iPhone cases, which are usually made of natural materials. Today we’ll be taking a look at one of their newest products which is the case named DODOcase Folio, compatible with the iPad mini. This one is priced at $125, and it’s available for purchase right now.

DODOcase Folio 3

I believe that most of us will agree, even by looking at this folio case, that this is one beautifully designed product. I am a big fan of iPad-compatible folio cases which also provide additional functionality like pockets and pen holders. This way you can protect your tablet from all sides and keep it inside a product that’s truly useful on a daily basis. The same could be said for this folio, which cleverly combines traditional notebook with the iPad mini.

The first interesting thing that you’ll notice is that the case opens from the left side, which is where the tablet needs to be placed. If we take a look at its front side, once the case is closed, you’ll get to see a leather binding spine on the left and an elastic strap on the right side. There’s also a cutout for the back-positioned camera. Once we open the case, you’ll see two nicely designed and organized areas. On the left side there’s the bamboo tray which holds the tablet in its place. There are also several adhesive straps which are there to truly secure the tablet, which is yet another proof that DODOcase thinks even about the smallest details. On the left side there’s one large pocket where you can place a notebook, while there are also two pockets where you can keep smaller items like business cards or receipts. In the middle there’s the leather binding section which also holds a little pocket, perfect for a pen or even a stylus.

DODOcase Folio 1

What’s interesting to highlight is that you can use this case as a stand. If you flip over one of the sides and secure it using an elastic strap, you’ll get a stand that’s perfect for watching movies. If you completely fold one side over and place the case on a desk you’ll get a fully functioning typing support. These small details are what sets apart DODOcase from the rest, and this is where the real value can be seen.

Even though it’s priced at $125, which seems a lot on a first thought, I strongly recommend this case. You’ll hardly find a better solution, since DODOcase Folio is very quality made, amazingly functional, and nicely designed as well. There’s nothing more you can expect from an iPad case.


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