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PROS: Excellent build quality. Great design, with attention to small details. Very usable. CONS: None really.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money on an iPad case, you’ll be able to find yourself choosing from premium grade cases which are usually made of natural materials like leather and wood. Also, they are usually handmade, which increases their build quality so you’ll surely use it for a long time. In discussion with those who say that they would never spend around $100 on a case, I usually say that this should be seen as an investment. After all, an iPad can be very expensive digital assistant that’s needed in our everyday life. This means that it’s justifiable to spend a bit more on its protection, which can be also transformed in a stand as well.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the Bamboo iPad Mini Case, made by Grovemade. This company is known for very interesting iPhone and iPad accessories, usually completely made of wood. This case is priced at $89, and it’s available for purchase right now.

Grovemade Bamboo Case 3

As you can see from the pictures in this article, this is the folio-style case for the iPad mini. This one is completely made of wood, and it will add about 0.2” to the total thickness, which seems fair enough. Just by looking at its design, it’s evident that designers took care of the smallest details, which can be seen on nicely rounded corners and very strong connections. Even though individual pieces aren’t made by hand, their connections are as well as the finishing coat. This means that not only this case is nicely designed and a pleasure to look at, it comes with amazing build quality.

In order to place the tablet inside the Bamboo Case, you’ll need to slide it from the left side of the shell-style case. As you can imagine by now, there are some interesting details which are taking care of your tablet. These are a soft lining on the inside, as well as full edge protection. This means that even though this case is made of wood, the tablet will be safe at all times and you’ll avoid accidental scratches. Also, the case comes with cutouts for all the buttons and ports. What’s important to say here is that the headphone and Lightning port cutouts are large enough to support almost any 3rd party cables, which I believe is always important to users.

Grovemade Bamboo Case 2

Another interesting side of this case is that it can be used as a stand, even though this might not be obvious on a first sight. The lid is made of bamboo, but which is sectioned in eight narrow pieces. You can curl these pieces until they form a very strong support on the back side of the tablet. This also means that you can get typing and viewing positions as well.

Even though it’s not as affordable as most iPad cases, I strongly believe that Grovemade created a product that is worth the price tag of $89. If you’re willing to afford yourself a premium-grade iPad mini case, I strongly advise you take this case in consideration.



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