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PROS: Brings interesting concept. Nicely designed UI. CONS: Can be unnecessary complicated at times. Problematic performance.

In most cases you’ll be perfectly fine with the built-in Calculator app, even though your iPhone has a lot more to offer. Just like with other built-in apps, which are very useful and essential in many cases, the App Store offers some very interesting alternatives. We already talked about several Calculator apps, which are designed to offer completely different user experience than Apple’s own solution. In this article we’ll continue to show you this kind of iOS apps, and we’ll focus on an app named Luna Calculator.

According to its official App Store description, Luna is a simple and smart calculator. In practice I’ve learnt to expect some very intriguing features which is the only way to beat Apple’s Calculator, so I was very interested in seeing what Luna has to offer. You can download it for $1, and there are no in-app purchases.

Luna Calculator 1

After you start this application for the first time you’ll be greeted with a tutorial video. My recommendation is to focus and try to remember what this video shows you, since this can resolve some initial problems and dilemmas. There’s no way to replay this video, which seems very odd, so all you can do is to try to remember it the first time. Once you get to the main screen, you’ll see a nicely designed UI and a very typical calculator layout. Typography is very clean and elegant, while even though you’ll be able to see a dark theme at first, you can switch to a lighter version if you shake your iPhone.

Speaking of layout, you’ll get to use your standard operators, numbers, percentages, positive/negative, a delete key, brackets, and equal sign. Once you start typing you’ll get to see the whole expression on the screen as well as the end result. What’s interesting about Luna is that you can save each one of the expressions that you use by giving it a name and saving it. For example, if you’re going on a trip you can calculate all kinds of different expenses and save them individually. This way you can always go back and readjust the calculation, but you can also use their end results in order to get the total amount. It’s actually just like using a spreadsheet, even though Luna is somewhat more difficult to use.

Even though I can see the potential behind this nicely designed calculator, it’s simply not as intuitive as it should be. It will certainly take some time until you learn your way around, and not everyone is ready to invest their time in an application that should be simple to start with. Another problematic point is Luna’s performance. I’ve tested its 1.0 version which turned out to be somewhat buggy, which means that I experienced several crashes.

Even though Luna is exceptionally designed and brings interesting animations, it lacks several important aspects of functionality. Even though you can invest your time into making the most out of this app, it’s easier to look for another calculator in the App Store that will instantly do the job.



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