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PROS: Very fun and cheerful. Interesting gameplay. Affordable. CONS: Needs more gameplay content.

Here on MacReview.com we often write about iOS productivity apps, e-mail clients, photo and video editors, and about iOS hardware as well. But from time to time one needs to stop for a minute and take a pause. If you’re a big fan of your iOS devices, than you surely have at least one game installed. As you probably know, gaming has always been very important part of this whole ecosystem, which brought very large profits to numerous developers. On the other hand, it’s astonishing to take a look at today’s state of iOS gaming, which has never been as powerful and immersive as now. With all this on our mind, we’ll be taking a look at one of the newest featured additions to iPhone gaming.

Microtrip is an iOS game developed by Arthur Guibert. If you’re a fan of physics-based games, which are perfect for spending a few minutes of your spare time, than you’re going to love this game. You can download it for only $1, and there are no in-app purchases which is refreshing.

Microtrip 2

The main goal of Microtrip is to make sure your character (which is a little blob) stays alive for as long as possible. This funny-looking blob is placed into an organism, where it needs to eat white cells which are floating around. To make things a bit harder and more exciting as well, there are enemies which are coming in a form of oddly shaped monsters and obstacles. You’ll need to navigate through a series of tunnels and to avoid hitting enemies, which are there to deplete your health. As you can see, this is one of those non-ending games that you can play until the little blob fails to eat enough white cells.

Speaking of graphics, they are very colorful and cheerful. As you can see from the pictures, there are lots of bright and blissful colors, which are enhanced by equally cheerful soundtrack. When it comes to animations, they are very smooth and they perfectly complement other parts of Microtrip’s UI.

What I also need to mention are the controls. As you can imagine, you can tilt your device to control the little blob. However, you can also use touch controls, which are a bit more functional. Still, this is something that depends on your skills.

The only thing that I would see to see further upgraded is Microtrip’s linear gameplay. Since there are no actual missions or accomplishments, there’s no real replay value here. In other words, no matter how skilled you become in playing this game, it will quickly become old which is the main problem that should be avoided when it comes to iOS games. Nonetheless, this game brings amazing foundations so I hope that its developer will continue adding more levels and a bit more complex gameplay.

Microtrip is a fun little game that’s rightfully priced at $1. It will bring you some fun times, so I would recommend trying it out even though you’ll soon miss more levels and obstacles.



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