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PROS: Nicely looking product. CONS: Doesn’t deliver promised results. Unreliable.

If you need a new battery pack to provide additional power to your iOS devices, than it’s time to do some shopping. As you’ll see during your search, you’ll find hundreds of available models, each one promising high capacities and charging speeds. In most of the cases you’ll find different results in practice, so it’s important to spend some time researching if a particular battery pack can provide reliable performance. Right here on you can find a number of helpful reviews which can be very informative while you’re searching for the next great source of external power.

Even though it’s not one of the most well-known makers of iOS accessories, Lepow is a company that specializes in battery packs and offers a Bluetooth speaker as well. You’ve probably seen some of their products at various online resellers, where they attract attention with their interesting design. In this article we’ll be taking a look at the Moonstone 9000mAh Power Bank, which promises to bring high capacitive battery priced at $120.

Moonstone 9000 2

I guess that most people will be attracted to this product on a first look. In a world of rectangular and cubic shaped battery packs, Moonstone certainly stands out in the crowd. Even though it brings somewhat cubic shape, it’s actually softened by very light curvature. This battery has the footprint of 3.2” by 3.2”, and it’s approximately 1.4” thick. This means that it’s quite small for a battery of this large size. In the original packaging you’ll find a felt carrying case, as well as a micro-USB cable. What’s very important to say is that this battery will only charge via a 5V 2A charger. This means that you’ll need to use the provided cable as the primary and the only compatible one. This issue has been noted by Lepow. This is not a deal breaker in any way, but should be taken as a warning.

What’s interesting enough is that you’ll receive eight “gifts” as well. I was very surprised to see that there are things like home button stickers, a plastic headphone wrap, a small stylus, and some other more or less useful items. However, all of these look very cheap and completely unnecessary.

When it comes to actual performance, you’ll get to choose from 1.2A or 2.1A charging power. Naturally, you’ll always choose the most powerful one, especially if you need to charge your iPad. We tested it with the iPad Air, which was fully depleted. The end result was that we got 90% of charge, which seems fair enough. However, the main problem was that this battery needed a bit over seven hours to get to this level, which was very disappointing.

Even though this Lepow’s product may look interesting enough, I would suggest looking for some other solution. There are just too much odd features about it, including its price. It may be important to say that this product was priced at $120 once it was first released, but now you can find it around $40 which is a very problematic and rapid price change.


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