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PROS: Combines battery pack and additional storage. Works very well in practice. Excellent performance. CONS: Mophie’s Space app can be sluggish at times. High priced.

When it comes to battery packs for iPhones, I believe there’s no better solution than Mophie’s products. Even though they are somewhat more expensive than other similar products, these battery cases are always nicely designed and offer excellent performance. A while back we brought you a review of Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 5, but today you’ll get to learn more about Mophie’s newest product.

As it turns out, this company decided to enhance their lineup and to bring a very innovative product. We’ll be taking a look at the Space Pack, which is yet another capable battery pack, but this one also brings 16GB or 32GB of additional storage. You can purchase it for $150 up to $180 for the larger sized version, and both of them are available for order right now.

Mophie Space Pack 2

I was very surprised to see that Space Pack brings the same dimensions as some older cases, considering that it also brings additional storage. Mophie is known for very elegant, somewhat light, and nicely designed battery cases, so it’s not surprising to see that their latest product continues this tradition. The case is comprised of two parts into which you need to place your iPhone and secure the connection by sliding the bottom part into the larger top part. The bottom part holds four LEDs which are battery level indicators, as well as the Lightning plug and the power switch. If you need to use the headphone port, you’ll need to use the provided extender since this port is deeply recessed into the case. You’ll also receive a micro-USB cable used for charging and transferring data to a computer.

When it comes to performance, the Space Pack promises to bring 1,700mAh cell inside. This means that you should expect to double the iPhone’s battery life, and this is proven to be true in everyday life. If you’re using the iPhone 5, you can expect slightly better results.

As I said earlier, this battery pack brings 16GB or 32GB or storage. This means that you can augment your phone’s storage, which is something that many users will appreciate. In order to use this function you’ll need to download Mophie’s Space app. This is basically a file manager, which allows you to view and play files like photos, videos, music, documents, and some other file types. You can transfer data from and to your Mac, but you can also copy some files from the phone’s internal storage. There’s even the option to turn on camera sync, which is designed to free up some space on the phone. Even though I was generally satisfied with how this app worked, it still feels like a beta version. Large files will need some time to be opened, and in some cases you’ll see that this app is struggling with large photo libraries. This is something that can be fixed in the future, so I am looking forward to seeing some updates since I am sure that Mophie will continue working on this app.


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