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PROS: Very sturdy and firm. Easy installation. Numerous viewing angles. CONS: Height can’t be adjusted. High priced.

If you plan on using your iPad for longer periods of time and on a daily basis, you’ll need to use some kind of a stand. The good news is that most iPad-compatible cases can be also transformed into stands, which eliminates the need of buying an additional accessory. Also, if you plan on spending long hours in front of your tablet, I advise you to purchase a keyboard case where you’ll get all you need to comfortably and productively use your iPad.

There are some people who are not fans of usually bulky keyboard cases, but they need a stand that will provide large level of flexibility. No matter how you use your tablet or what your needs are, you’ll probably find the perfect stand. This is because there are thousands of highly usable iPad accessories, including stands of all shapes, materials, and sizes. In this article we’ll be taking a look at Thought Out’s PED4 Planet IPA10 stand. This oddly named iPad Air stand is priced at $85, but if you do a little research around the web you can find it currently priced at $65.

PED4 Planet IPA10 2

The oddly named and very oddly shaped stand comes in two main pieces. In the packaging you’ll find a large plastic base designed to sit firmly on a desk and to ground this whole construction. The other piece is shaped like a crab and it’s designed to grab and hold your iPad. What’s interesting to mention is that this crab-like piece can be installed onto any standard camera tripod, which means that you’ll be able to use your tablet to take photos or record videos. I am sure many people will find this very interesting, so it’s nice to see a feature like this one.

If you take a closer look at the pictures in this article, you’ll see a small metal screw in the central part of the base. You’ll need to attach the stainless steel rod of the iPad holder into the base, which can be done by hand. This means that installation is very fast, effortless, and simple enough. Even though it looks a bit large once assembled, I assure you that your iPad will be perfectly safe and protected.

The biggest selling point of PED4 Planet IPA10 is a ball joint located on the back which enables full three-axis rotation. This means that you can adjust the tablet any way you like, which is a huge advantage over similar products. You can also place bare iPads, as well as the ones placed inside even those bulky rugged cases. The only thing that I didn’t like is that the tablet will be above the surface of a table from 1.5” to 2.5”, depending on its orientation. I was disappointed to see that this height can’t be adjusted, which feels like a missed opportunity.

This stand comes with a real practical value, and can be very useful. There are some small limitations to its functionality, but this is nothing serious. The only thing I didn’t like is its high price, so my advice is wait until you can find some good discounts on this product.


  1. MacReview,
    Thank you for the review, we’d like to communicate a very important overlooked feature of this iPad stand – in addition to being an iPad stand, it transforms into a tripod mount. So this stand can be used everyday as an iPad stand and also an iPad tripod mount.


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