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PROS: Minimalistic design. Smooth animations and transitions. Several unique features. Can be very useful. CONS: Certainly not for everyone, especially for power users.

In order to say organized, many people are turning to their iPhones for much needed assistance. Even though every iOS version comes with the built-in Calendar app, up until iOS7 it was somewhat hard and tedious to manage your tasks using this app. Many were actually forced into adapting to this app mostly because it included iCloud support, which meant that all your to-lists and appointments were synced with your OSX Calendar. The other solution was to use a third party app, or to go with Google’s Calendar which could be also synced in some ways. After iOS7 was released, many turned once again to the built-in apps which were redesigned, but this hasn’t stopped developers from trying to offer their own solutions.

As you’ll see in this article, there are some pretty amazing calendar apps in the App Store. We’ll be taking a look at an application named Peek Calendar, which could be downloaded for $2. This minimalistic app might seem barebones at first, but there are numerous hidden features which are accessed to using interesting gestures. Continue reading to learn more.

From the very first time you open Peek Calendar you’ll realize that it’s built for simplicity. What’s very important to say is that this app isn’t for those who juggle multiple calendars and need integration with other services around the web, so power users should look for some other app. However, I believe that there are a lot of potential users for this simple yet completely useful calendar app, and that many will simply fall in love with it.

The main screen of Peek Calendar lets you focus on today’s agenda. You can click on today’s date and unfold all your to-do items and appointments. You can also scroll down to see future dates, where you can review your upcoming obligations. If you need to add a new entry, simply tap and hold on today’s date and enter the needed info. You’ll be able to add recurring items, and you can also tie a certain location to it. Also, you can set up the time in a very interesting way, by swiping with your finger across the screen.

What’s worth noting are a couple of interesting and unique features. For example, you can place your hand across the top part of the screen, like you would protect it from the light. This will reveal the current time in a nicely animated manner. Also, if you shake your iPhone you’ll be given a suggestion of what to do next, or sometimes you’ll receive some general life tip.

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There’s something very interesting when it comes to Peek Calendar, that can’t be really explained with words. Perhaps those are bright and cheerful colors, or incredibly interesting and very smooth animations. Even though power users won’t find what they need here, there are a lot of people out there who would greatly benefit from using this app. If you’re looking for the next great calendar, I would suggest at least trying out this interesting app.


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