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PROS: Great build quality. Very easy installation. Provides amazing protection. Brings additional lenses. CONS: None really.

If you’re a fan of photography who likes to use their iPhone to take great shots, than there’s a couple of additional pieces of equipment that you simply need to have. For example, you can buy additional lenses for the iPhone’s camera, which can greatly expand built-in capabilities and produce great looking results. Also, if you use your phone to record videos, than you simply need to have a tripod that will make recording more stable and blur-free. However, for the most adventurous iPhone users, there are waterproof cameras which bring additional lenses as well.

The Optrix PhotoProX brings the waterproof see-through iPhone case, which includes screw-on lenses. This seems to be a very interesting combination, so I was very eager to take it for a test. Even before I start telling you about its design and functionality, I need to say that it exceeded my expectations by far.

PhotoProX 2

The PhotoProX comes in three main parts. There’s the plastic and transparent case itself, which has a hinged lid on the top part. You can simply pull this lid and push your phone inside the case, which means that installation is as effortless as possible. Also, once you place the phone inside you can seal the top hinge and it will successfully prevent water and dirt from getting inside. Another important piece of this system is the sled, which is actually a shell-style case that comes with some small security channels which are holding the phone inside the case at all times. And finally, there are the lenses which you’ll receive in their own carrying case.

In order to use this case, you’ll first need to place the Phone into a shell-style case. If we take a look at this case on its own, I believe it would be able to compete with some more expensive ones. It comes with cutouts for all the ports and buttons. This case is designed to be used on its own when you don’t need to place the phone inside the waterproof case, which means that some kind of protection for your phone will be around all the time. The outer case is also made of plastic, and brings dedicated pass-through switches so you can use the Home button, as well as the sleep/wake. On the bottom side there’s access to the charging and headphone ports.

According to official statements by Optrix, the PhotoProX is waterproof up to 33 feet. Also, it’s designed to withstand 30 feet drop test survival. Even though I didn’t really tested this out, what I can say is that this is one of the most secure waterproof and rugged cases that I tried. What’s also important to take in consideration is that you’ll get additional lenses which are not really outstanding, but they are usable enough. You can also use it with numerous other mounts and stands. This is why I believe that $150 seems fair for this product, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s interesting in this type of an iPhone case.


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