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You already know how powerful and useful the iPhone can be, and it seems that this phone is getting smarter with each new year. It’s actually quite amazing to remember how the original iPhone functioned, which may seem very limited and primitive from today’s perspective. Over the years, Apple pushed new generations of their smartphone which always comes with a new version of iOS.

Perhaps the only thing that I mind when it comes to iOS is how closed it is. Even though I fully understand Apple’s philosophy behind this decision, which seems justified and fair most of the times, I would still like to have a fully open and transparent iOS to OSX communication. Sure, I can use Photo Stream to move photos, and I can use a cloud service for keep in sync text files and other file types, but no matter how useful these solutions are, they still feel like a workaround. In this article we’ll show you an iOS app that creates effortless communication between iOS and OSX. This app is called Pushbullet, and you can download it free of charge.

Pushbullet 2

By using Pushbullet, you’ll be able to exchange pictures, videos, links, and text files directly from and to your iPhone. I was very skeptical before I decided to take this app for a test, since similar apps tend to be mostly problematic so I quickly lose my patience with them. Luckily, Pushbullet proved me wrong.

In order to transfer files using this app, you’ll need to install it on your iPhone, and you’ll need to have a Google Chrome-running OSX. Installation and setup are very simple, and they will take just a few moments of your time. After that, you’ll be able to exchange files. For example, if you want to move a photo from your computer to your phone, you can select the photo and right-click on it, and choose Pushbullet – Push this to my iPhone. You’ll instantly see a new push notification on your phone, notifying you that you’ve got a new file waiting in the Pushbullet app. This way you can send links, pictures, videos, as well as previously selected text. You will be able to send addresses as well, which will open Google Maps once you click the desktop notification.

Another great thing is that you can also easily send files right from your phone to your computer. This app brings very simple UI design, which is very minimalistic actually. You can compose new messages containing any of previously mentioned file types, and send them to another mobile device or a computer. The main view contains the list of exchanged files, which you can easily review and delete if not needed.

It’s amazing how this little app can be helpful in all kinds of everyday situations, and I am sure that many potential users will find it truly valuable. This means that there’s no waiting on Photo Stream to push a photo, or waiting on a cloud service to download and sync files and folders. Pushbullet is as easy as it gets.

PROS: Very easy and effortless installation. Works very well in practice. Free of charge.

CONS: None.


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