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PROS: Comes in two colors. Easy to apply and remove. Very functional. CONS: None really.

A while back we discussed about several keyboard covers for different MacBook models. These were stickers that you could apply on top of the keys, so they can get a fresh new look. Most of these products were popular, mostly since there are a lot of potential users who are interested in customizing their Macs. As you probably know, there are also covers for the lid so you can actually transform your notebook into a real piece of art. However, I also perfectly understand those who don’t like this kind of accessories, since Apple has done a great done designing its products.

If you’re interested in changing the way your keyboard looks and feels, in this article we’ll give an advice that many of you will find useful. This goes especially for those who aren’t fans of colorful keyboard stickers. We’ll be talking about the Wood Keys, made by RAWBKNY. These are compatible with the MacBook Air, and they are priced at $40. However, you can also find the MacBook Pro version, as well as the standard Apple keyboard (traditional and wireless) add-on keys. All of these products are identically priced.

Wood Keys 1

If you decide to purchase the Wood keys, you’ll get two sets in the packaging. The one is made of walnut, and features somewhat lighter look, while the other one is made of cherry oak so naturally it’s much darker. As you’ll be able to see, you’ll receive a full layout of keys, which are actually veneers made of thin wood. The installation is very simple, but it requires some precision and time. You’ll need to remove each one of the wooden keys from the layout and apply to appropriate keys on your MacBook Air. This should take up to 15 minutes of your time. The good news is that you’ll be able to gently move the veneer in case you’ve positioned it wrong, which I believe will be helpful to most users. According to RAWBKNY, these wooden plates feature 3M adhesive on the back side, which in theory means that you’ll be able to easily remove them once you decide to do so. I am happy to say that this actually works, so even though they can be applied to firmly stick to keys, once you remove them you’ll see that there are no smudges or any other sticky traces left across the keyboard.

The Wood keys were made of a solid piece of wood that’s shaped using a laser technology. After that, it is hand cut and polished. What this also means is that the letters are not engraved, but completely removed from the wooden plate, so you’ll be able to enjoy in the backlit illumination.

Upon installation I’ve seen that added height to keys could potentially create some problems with the screen, but I am happy to say that you shouldn’t worry about this. It seems that designers at RAWBKNY really took care even of those smallest details.

In contrast to numerous similar products, the Wood keys are very aesthetic and easy to apply and remove. I also need to praise its price, which is very affordable considering that this product is fully made of wood and hand-finished as well.


  1. This product blocks 95%+ of the backlighting of your Mac keyboard. If you type only during the day, that won’t be a problem. They keys look lovely and add a real unique look to your MacBook. But if you ever type at night, it renders the backlighting of your keyboard useless. You will have to hover directly over the keyboard, looking straight down, in order to see even the faintest light.

  2. We recently pushed a major update to our keyboards, refreshing the backlight features with higher illumination of light. In the initial development the perforations were to small and the light only could be seen at angles, now its visibility is 50% brighter than the previous version.

    Frank we are more than happy to send you an updated keyboard !

  3. These keys are just so beautiful, I can’t wait to have my own. I’m very excited about getting these but I have one question. How long did it take to have them made and shipped to you? I ordered mine about four weeks ago and haven’t gotten them or heard anything about them? My whole office is waiting to see what mine look like so they can grab some too.


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