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PROS: Clean and elegant UI. Fast and easy setup. Brings some innovations. CONS: Supports Gmail only.

I am sure there are a lot of people who are struggling with keeping their inbox organized. It’s actually very easy to lose track of an important e-mail, especially if you’re being bombarded with promotional mails and all kinds of spam. This is why there are so many iOS e-mail clients which are promising to help you sort your mail out.

SquareOne is one of those iOS e-mail clients, free to download and use. This app is promising to bring you a unique way of keeping your inbox organized, so I was very interested in trying it out and seeing if this app is really capable to present something new to the iOS App Store. Even before I downloaded it, I saw its first major limitation. This app will only work for Gmail users, so beware of this requirement.

After you open SquareOne for the first time and sign-in with your Gmail address, you’ll be able to change and add your own “zones”. These are actually categories into which you can place your contacts, so you can place all your coworkers into one category, while you can place online shops in another, and your friends and family into a third category. This way, SquareOne will recognize the address and place the mail into a specific category, where you can easily review it later. However, this is not where this app stopped implementing this interesting feature, but instead continued to evolve it.

SquareOne 1

To give you an example of how you can use this app to organize your inbox, let’s say that you’re heading to work. This way you can review all your “zones” and mute the ones that you don’t want to see during your work hours. When you get back home, you can turn on all your “zones” and review promotional mails and funny videos from your friends. This actually works very well in practice and it truly eases up the way you handle your inbox clutter.

What also needs to be mentioned is that SquareOne is nicely designed and very user friendly. I liked numerous small animations, which are very smooth and bring much needed dynamics into iOS. You can also expect all the standard options like starring you mail, sorting through folders, and similar.

The biggest limitation of this e-mail client is that it only supports Gmail. Many of us are using more than one e-mail account, and in most cases these are tied to different mail providers. This means that this limitation is going to be the biggest deal breaker, which is a real shame. I really hope that SquareOne will continue its development, and that we’ll see some future updates addressing this issue.

In case you’re using Gmail as you primary or only e-mail provider, I warmly recommend using this app. It can be a real time saver. If you’re using some other e-mail provider, this app is simply not for you, but the good news is that the App Store offers plenty of additional choice.


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