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PROS: Beautifully designed UI, very fluid and modern looking. Capable editing features. Very interesting social aspect. CONS: No iPad support.

We all got some stories to tell, something to share with our friends and family. Most people are very social, and they like to share some interesting moments from their everyday lives and that’s one of the reasons why there are so many social networks available. As you probably know, some networks like Facebook and Twitter are deeply integrated into iOS, which gives you a clear idea about their importance to users. On the other hand, there are tens of thousands of photo and video editors, and all kinds of iOS apps which are primarily dedicated to easy creation and sharing of photos, videos, and text.

A while back we reviewed Storehouse for iPad, which was and still is very popular tool for creating collections of photos and interesting stories. Today we are going to talk about somewhat similar iOS app, named Steller. In contrast to Storehouse, Steller is made for iPhone, but it brings very similar concept. You can download and use it free of charge, and there no in-app purchases at this moment.

Steller 2

The first time you open Steller on your phone, you’ll be immersed into beautifully designed interface. This app features one of the nicest examples of flat design, and brings clean cut lines and modern typography. There’s really nothing not to like about its UI, which becomes even more intriguing once you start exploring some interesting animations which are present throughout the app.

The first thing you’ll notice about Steller is that it allows you to create your stories right from the main screen, which is also where you can find your previously created collections, and you can also see creations of other Steller members. There’s a lot to explore here, and I am sure that this app will keep you busy for hours to come. First let’s talk about the creation tool. As you can expect by know, this app is designed to allow you to create visual storybooks which are filled with your own photos and videos. I am sure you’ve got plenty of photos in your Camera Roll, which are ready to be transformed into narrative stories and memories. I was amazed by how easy yet powerful the editing features are. For example, you can choose a preferred layout for one page of your storybook, and then place a photo and edit some text. You can choose to adjust options like font size, colors, font, and alignment. You can also freely move the text anywhere on the screen. The same goes for video pages, which are even more interesting. You’ll basically get all of the needed tools to create very aesthetics stories, which can be easily shared with anyone.

When it comes to social aspect of Steller, you’ll be able to import your Facebook friends but you can also share content with other users of this interesting app. You’ll basically get to see profile pages on Steller and follow the most interesting users.

If you need an app that will allow you to create stunning storybooks filled with photos and videos, Steller should be one of your top choices. I strongly recommend trying this app.


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