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PROS: Nicely designed and quality made. Premium-grade materials. Can be transformed into a stand. CONS: Overpriced. Doesn’t offer proper protection.

When it comes to an iPad protection, I normally recommend using folio-style cases. Since any iPad and iPad mini model comes with the large screen, it’s a necessity to use a case that will keep it covered at all times. You can also purchase a screen protector which usually comes in a form of a plastic film, but if you combine it with a case this might be somewhat serious investment. Folio-style cases are able of protecting your tablet from almost all sides, and they can also come with some pockets or other interesting additions.

Today we’ll be taking a look at a newest iPad mini cover, made by TwelveSouth. If you like following our reviews, than you probably already know about this company is known for very interesting and innovative iPhone and iPad accessories. Even though we didn’t actually fell in love with all of their products, what’s true is that all of them are quality made and very sturdy. I hope this will be also the case with the newest SurfacePad.

SurfacePad for iPad mini 1

TwelveSouth has decided not to introduce many new products, but to re-design and enhance their existing ones in order to offer a new generation. This is the case with the SurfacePad as well. This is actually the cover for your iPad mini, made of a single sheet of Napa leather, priced at $70. It seems that this product is competing against Apple’s own Smart Case, which brings similar design and exactly the same price as this one. Still, the SurfacePad is a cover that sticks to your tablet instead of being a plastic shell-style case with the front cover.

Inside the SurfacePad you’ll find the film that’s covering the back side that needs to be peeled off to expose the adhesive material. Simply line up your iPad mini and carefully press it against the back side of the cover. The good news is that you’ll be able to remove the tablet if you place it wrong, and simply stick the cover once again. Also, if you decide to completely remove the SurfacePad, there won’t be any residue left. This kind of setup means lower protection, since the iPad mini will be exposed from all but the back side. There’s no button and port coverage, and even the camera is fully exposed. This means that its protective role is certainly not its primary one, which feels like a missed opportunity, especially if we compare it to the Apple’s Smart Cover.

Another interesting thing to mention is that you can use the SurfacePad as a stand. The front cover comes with fairly strong magnets which are keeping it shut once you close it over the screen. If you fold it over the back side, you can get three viewing angles. These are great for video playback, browsing the web, and typing as well.

My biggest concern about this TwelveSouth’s product is that it doesn’t bring proper protection. This should be the main role for every iPad case. It’s nicely designed and quality made, but I am not sure if I would be willing to pay $70 for something that resembles just a fashion accessory.


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