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PROS: Combines business and personal schedules. Great interface design. Push notifications. Creation of custom and shareable calendars. CONS: None.

In many ways, Apple’s own Calendar app feels like a missed opportunity. It’s actually surprising to see that Apple didn’t fully develop this application, which could be easily upgraded with numerous helpful features that be used on a daily basis. Some critics are saying that this was a way of letting 3rd party developers to offer their own apps, which is a great deal on both sides. The good news is that a user can choose from hundreds of quality applications, and pick the one that will be of great help in everyday situations.

UpTo is a new kind of an iOS calendar app, and if you continue reading this article you’ll get to see that it’s unique in many ways and finally brings something new to the market of iOS apps. You can download and use it completely free of charge, and there are no in-app purchases whatsoever.

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The main idea behind UpTo is to provide you with your business and personal schedules, all in one great interface. Most iOS calendars are business-oriented, which means that they provide tools for setting up appointments, notifications about bills and payments, and similar features. Even though UpTo also provides these features, you’ll find a lot of seemingly hidden personal-oriented tools which allow you organize your “after work hours” life.

I won’t spend much words on UpTo’s basic calendar features, since I believe that most of us are well acquainted with these. You’ll be able to set up appointments and other obligations, and easily preview daily, weekly, and monthly views. What’s also important to note is that this app supports iCloud, Google Calendar, and Exchange as well. But when it comes to your personal obligations and interests, this is where the magic happens. You’ll be able to review numerous categories and subscribe to a specific 3rd party created calendars. So for example, if you’re interested in a TV show you’ll be able to select a specific show and subscribe to it. This way you can always see when a new episode will air. You’ll be able to review categories like TV, sports, concerts, holidays, and similar. All of your personal items won’t clutter the main calendar view, and these are going to be revealed only if you tap the layers icon in the bottom-positioned menu. This is a very clear and efficient way to keep the interface very neat and organized.

I’ve also found another useful feature, that I believe will be of great use for many. Just like you can subscribe to a 3rd party calendar, you can also create your own and become its administrator. This way you can keep your friends notified on your mutual interests, since these calendars can be easily shared.

I need to say that I am still very surprised that this app is free of charge, so naturally I strongly recommend trying it out. UpTo brings very helpful features which now seem essential to me, and I can hardly imagine my day without using this amazing app.



  1. Hi,
    I find Upto calendar app to be operating illegal practices!

    I subscribed for what was supposed to be free trial and instead i was asked to give my credit card details. I did thinking that i could just delete my account if i didn’t find the product useful. Big mistake!

    I wrote 4-5 times to Upto support with questions why their logo still appears in the embed form and eventually tried to discontinue my trial, impossible!!

    The app doesn’t give you the authority to discontinue the service and the only option to delete your account is to contact their support team. The support team doesn’t respond to my requests nor alnowledges in any way the requests have been received and today i saw Upto has taken money from my credit card for subscription i never wanted!!

    This operation is a complete scam no matter how many features are listed here! I have no idea how i can stop this and now will have to go to my bank to try to block any further withdrawals from my card.

    I will never recommend Upto to anyone!


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