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PROS: Easy installation. Very adjustable stand. Proper protection. CONS: Small design flaws. The tablet can become wobbly while typing.

Even though you can still find traditional-looking shell style iPad cases, you’ll probably see more products which come with some kind of an enhancement. This is because the market has been flooded with thousands of different cases, so it has become incredibly hard to stand out in the crowd. In order to get noticed, many designers are taking special care of their products and they try to come up with unique ways of enhancing functionality and design.

When it comes to ZeroChroma and their cases, this company doesn’t have to worry about creating a uniquely designed product. A while back this company revealed their award-winning iPad mini case named Vario-SC, which managed to achieve big success. Now it’s time to take a look at the newest generation of this case, now compatible with the iPad Air.

VarioSC 1

Even though it doesn’t bring one of the most attractive designs that we’ve seen, the main focus with this case is on its functionality. Still, this doesn’t mean that design has been completely left behind. It looks like ZeroChroma decided to keep a rather plain design and upgrade some small aspects of it. In comparison to the previous generation, VarioSC now offers a complete button coverage which seems reliable and helpful enough. The volume buttons, as well as the sleep/wake button have been raised and covered with glossy plastic. On the other hand, there are nicely designed cutouts for the speakers, ports, back-side camera, and microphone. If you take a closer look at the pictures you’ll see that there’s noticeable lip around the screen, used to protect it if you place the tablet with the screen facing down. Still, even though the other three edges are present, the fourth one is missing. This is because designers wanted to make room for Smart Cover support, which ensures that the screen is protected at all times. However, I am not sure if this was the smartest choice since there are a lot of people who are using protective screen films. This means that there’s going to be a missing piece of plastic on the left side at all times, which can be visually distracting.

Probably the best thing about VarioSC is the Flux Stand, located on the back side. This is where you’ll find a plastic disc slightly raised over the surface, which contains a long rectangle in the middle part. You can pull this rectangle and get a stand. The good news is that you’ll get almost any imaginable viewing angle, since there’s a metal bar running though the rectangle which allows very firm and stable positions. You can use this stand at anywhere from 15 degree up to 40 degrees in landscape orientation. You can also easily switch from one orientation to another. The only issue that I’ve encountered while using the stand is a lack of proper typing support. As it turns out, the tablet can become wobbly since it lacks a sturdier hold.

If you decide to purchase the VarioSC, for $50 you’ll get a reliable case and a great stand. Perhaps it lacks more attractive design, and there are small design flaws, but I would still recommend using this product.



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