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PROS: Interesting concept, but damaged by poor execution. Great keyboard. CONS: Bulky and heavy. Not really practical for everyday use. High priced.

As someone who has reviewed a number of iPad keyboard cases, I believe I can successfully follow the current trends and evolution of this iOS accessories category. One of the latest changes that we all witnessed is tendency to slim down keyboard cases and make them as thin and elegant as possible. This is something that users and customers responded well to, even though this sometimes means that functionality needed to be sacrificed. There are several well-known accessory makers who joined this race, and they produced some amazingly designed cases by now. In terms of design, my personal opinion is that Logitech’s products are able of delivering Apple-like aesthetics, but theyhttps://www.macreview.com/wp-admin/post-new.php usually demand some adjustment time in order to adapt to their functionality.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at yet another iPad keyboard case, but which is trying to go in a completely different direction than some similar today’s products. We’ll review the Pi Dock-it Pro, made by Parle Innovation. This product can be purchased for $160, even though you can find it currently priced at around $130.

From the moment I first saw the Pi Dock-it Pro I was very surprised by its appearance. It’s seems unusually large and heavy, but I was very interested in seeing how this system is going to work in everyday situations. The main idea behind this case is to allow you to transform your iPad into a laptop which could be still used as a tablet by rotating the lid to the opposite side. As you’ll see if you continue reading this article, this case brings just about that but with many undesirable compromises.

In order to install the iPad into the cover part of the laptop you’ll need to push it until it properly clicks. There are plastic brackets which are preventing any movement, and they can be pulled when you decide to remove the tablet. Now you’ll be able to use the iPad as a typical laptop, but once you decide to return to its primary role you’ll need to rotate the lid around 180 degrees and place it on top of the keyboard. This will give you a device that very closely resembles one of those early tries to produce a working touchscreen computer. This whole construction is just too much bulky and heavy to be used on a daily basis. The Pi Dock-it Pro really does transform your tablet into a laptop, which sometimes isn’t really a good idea.

On the other hand, I need to praise the keyboard that you’ll be able to use with this product. It brings full sized keys and very comfortable layout, where you’ll even get to use a lot of iPad-specific function keys in the top row. The keyboard is very comfortable for use and seems reliable enough.

Even though I really liked its keyboard, the Pi Dock-it Pro seems like a prototype in some ways. It’s very large and somewhat heavy, and it failed to persuade me that this should be my primary keyboard case. Also, its price of $130 is certainly far from competitive.


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