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PROS: Very interesting concept. Fun to use, but also very educational. CONS: None at this point.

Whether you’re a student or a writer, there’s always room for improvement in one’s writing style. The fastest way to enhance your writing is to enrich your vocabulary, which is something that surely everyone can benefit from. There’s a number of ways to learn new words and you can use your iPhone to get some quick answers. For example, the easiest way would be to use Safari and visit one of those specialized dictionary websites, even though you can also find some interesting dictionary apps in the iOS App Store. On the other hand, I am sure you’ll agree with me when I say that the easiest way to learn new things is by playing a game, and there are some developers who decided to use this fact.

A website dedicated to enriching your vocabulary just released a new iOS app that’s being showcased by Apple. This website is called Vocabulary.com, and if you visited the App Store during the last week you might have noticed identically named app on the front page. We decided to take it for a test and to show you how useful and fun this app can be.

Vocabulary.com app is, like its official description says, the uniquely effective word learning system. This app is designed to serve as a classic dictionary where you can look up words, but it also gives you a set of engaging quizzes right on your iOS device. These quizzes can come in several different forms, so you can be asked to put the right words into a sentence, identify synonyms and antonyms, of choose the best definition of a certain word. During each one of these games you will be able to learn new words by looking up their definitions or simply trying your luck and providing an answer. What also needs to be said is that all of these quizzes are very engaging and they provide very interesting content. Even though this depends on your current skills, some questions can be easy while some can be very complex and require very careful reading and understanding of a question.


As you progress through the exercises, you will be able to gain points and unlock achievements. The goal is to provide the correct answer sooner than later, which grants you more points. There’s also a very interesting learning mechanism thoughtfully embedded into these quizzes. You’ll get to see “Words I’m Learning” section where you can see repeated words that you failed to define, while you can also see a list of words that you mastered. As I said in the previous paragraph, there’s also the standard vocabulary, but there are also very interesting curated lists containing words from all kinds of topics. For example, you’ll get to browse through “100 SAT Words Beginning with ‘A’”.

Vocabulary.com app is currently one of the best ways to learn new words and enrich your vocabulary. Considering its educational value, I would say that its price of $3 sounds like a great deal. I warmly recommend placing this app on the front screen of your iOS device.


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