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Even though many of us will agree that iOS brings proper protection when it comes to security and privacy, it seems that there’s always a way for someone to get to your private data. If you follow Apple-related news, than you probably know that there were several bugs within iOS that allowed access to photos and other parts of this mobile system simply by avoiding to enter the passcode. Many of these bugs are eliminated, but then again we come to similar issues that occur within some apps. These are actually not bugs, but instead some features that many of us find annoying.

One of those annoying things is showing a photo from your Camera Roll to a friend, who somehow always starts swiping around. I am sure you’ve been in a similar situation where you feared that someone might stumble upon your countless selfies and other images that might be for your eyes only. There’s no way to hide these images within iOS’ Photos app, but there’s a nifty app that can help with exactly this issue. It’s called Don’t Swipe and it could be yours for only $1 (introductory price).

Don’t Swipe is actually a photo viewing app that’s designed to help you hide certain images and prevents other users from sharing or deleting them. It’s the perfect view-only app that many of us can find helpful. Continue reading to see how this app looks like and what it offers in terms of functionality.

Once you open Don’t Swipe on your phone you’ll see a slightly differently designed interface than the one seen in iOS’ Photos app, but these two come with many similarities that might be unnoticed by someone who’s not that into this operating system. What you’ll get to see in the main view are the photos from your Camera Roll, so in order to hide some of them you’ll need to tap the checkmark button (the upper right corner) and simply choose those that need to be “deleted”. This way you can show off your images to a friend or anyone else and know that there’s nothing more to be discovered. I also find very helpful the fact that this app disables sharing, and there’s no option to delete an image as well. In order to show hidden images you’ll need to shake the phone which probably isn’t the most secure option to unlock your hidden content, but seems reliable enough.

Even though I liked the idea behind Don’t Swipe, this app can only do so much. After all, nothing is stopping a friend from closing this app and opening Photos to see all the content. This is due to iOS’ nature and built-in settings which can help you set up a master password, after which all of the content is easily viewable. Still, there’s some great usability to Don’t Swipe and I hope that some of you can find it really helpful in all kinds of social situations. Also, the asking price is great at the moment but once this app goes up to $2, I believe this will severely slow down the adoption rate.



Easy to use and very useful. Very interesting idea and concept. Clean UI.


Doesn’t really protect your privacy on a deeper level. Not helpful for everyone.


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