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PROS: Nicely designed, with great attention to details. Very protective. Philanthropic. CONS: Only one color combination.

In an effort to easily sell their products, many companies are trying their best to create something that will capture your attention. In most cases, these are going to be aggressive marketing campaigns that usually target a specific group of potential users. I don’t need to tell you how much money companies like Apple and Microsoft are aiming towards marketing of their newly released products, but only a few worldwide known companies are able of doing this. Smaller companies, especially start-ups, are left with creative measures to make their products stand out. For example, the company named Kujali is charity-oriented and offers something in return for every product you buy. Even though this surely isn’t one of those marketing gimmicks, this is still a very clever and noble way for people to recognize this brand.

In this article we’ll review Kujali’s iPad mini case, priced at around $50. Simply by looking at it you’ll see that this is high-quality protective cover with good craftsmanship and great design. Continue reading to learn more about this case and its good and bad sides.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kujali’s case brings very quality and nicely textured leather on the outside, and very gentle red suede over its interior. There are two elastic ribbons for tilt adjustment when you decide to use this case as a stand, and there’s one large hand strap on the inner right side which can be used when you need to hold the case in your hand and work on your iPad mini at the same time. There’s also an elastic strap that holds it all together, even though embedded magnets are there for support and automatic sleep/wake function.

In order to place the iPad mini into this case, you’ll first need to place it into provided silicon skin, which is there for extra protection. Once placed inside the silicone skin, you can place it into the black plastic case which is firmly attached to the case. I really liked this system, which seems cleverly designed, attractive, and very protective as well. What’s also interesting to note is that the sleep and volume buttons are covered with silicone, but this doesn’t impact their functionality. There are also silicone flaps around ports, preventing dust and other small particles from getting into them.

As I said earlier, Kujali is charity-oriented company which means that for every iPad mini case you buy, they will give a mosquito net to a child in Africa. Actually, the word “Kujali” stands for “to care for” in Swahili.

Just like other reviewers and users noticed, the only downside to this case is that it comes in only one color combination. This means that you’ll get to buy the black and red combination, which seems fine enough but I am sure that there are potential users who will pass this product because they prefer some other colors. However, this is the first product designed by Kujali, so I am very interested in keeping track of this company and their upcoming product lineup.



PROS: Nicely designed, with great attention to details. Very protective. Philanthropic.


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