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PROS: Quality made. Easy installation and removal of the phone. Provides proper protection. CONS: None.

While some people like classic shell-style cases to keep their iPhones protected and equally usable throughout the day others like a bit more rounded protection. In general, when it comes to iPhone cases you’ll get to choose from hundreds or uniquely designed models, which means that you can theoretically go through an extensive research prior to your final decision. If you like to keep your phone protected from all angles, I recommend narrowing your research to wallet-style cases which bring very good protection and some extra features as well.

In this article we’ll take a look at Seidio’s Ledger Flip case, designed for the iPhone 5S. Even though it could be said that this is a wallet-style case, it’s not the most traditional one, and you can purchase it for $40 from the official website. During my research I’ve found that you can find it around the web at somewhat lower prices, around $35.


I’ve never reviewed Seidio’s cases before, so I didn’t have any expectations prior to testing of this unit. My first impression was very positive since I really liked how firm the construction of this case is, and I’ve also seen some small details which are usually problematic, but which are nicely solved here. First, a few words about the design. As you can see from the pictures, the Ledger Flip case brings somewhat traditional design. This means that you’ll get a plastic cradle for your iPhone, into which you can softly push the phone and it will lock in its position. I believe that this plastic shell will be able to provide proper protection to your phone, and it surely seems quality made as well. There are openings around the buttons and ports, and around the camera as well. What’s interesting to highlight is that the bottom side of the phone, where the charging port is located, is fully exposed which means that you can use 3rd party Lightning cables and some accessories as well. The top side is symmetrical to the bottom side, which means that there’s one large opening around the sleep/wake button, for easy access.

As you can expect from a wallet case, there’s the front cover which takes care of the screen. The Ledger Flip case brings firmly built cover, finished off with a textile-like material. On the inside you’ll get to use one pocket, where you can place a credit card or some cash. Since it brings only one pocket, I would say that this is the folio-style case rather than a wallet. What’s also nice is that there’s a soft microfiber on the inside which is gentle to the screen.

Finally, there’s one more surprise. On the backside you’ll find a small kickstand, so you can prop up your iPhone 5S and watch some videos, which can come in handy at times.

As a final note I can say that I was satisfied with this case. It is quality made and protects the phone very well. There’s a pocket for some cash, and you can use it as a stand as well. There’s really nothing more to expect from an iPhone case.



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