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What’s interesting about the App Store is that you can find apps that can be of true assistance in your everyday life. If you take some time and really dig into the App Store, you’ll find some apps that will amaze you with their capabilities. For example, you can find several popular apps designed to teach you how to read faster, which is something that each one us can use. This skill needs time and effort to be perfected, and applications like Textio can be of crucial importance. Continue reading to see how you can use this app, and what it really offers.

Textio Speed Reading is designed to help you double or triple your reading speed, while still comprehending the material you’re consuming. This app is available for download in the App Store for $3, and there are no in-app purchases. You’ll even get three e-books included, simply to help your get started on perfecting your speed reading.

Even though Textio doesn’t offer any kind of initial help or a tutorial, I am sure you’ll find your way around in no time. The app comes with a very nicely designed interface, filled with calming colors combined with modern and easy to read typography. In order to get started you’ll get to choose from three preloaded e-books, and you can add your own at any time. What’s important to say here is that you’ll be able to import TXT, PDF, and HTML files. What this means is that you’ll need to export your e-books into one of these three formats, since they come in various file types such as EPUB, PRC, MOBI, and many others. You can also send a plain text files via e-mail and use “Open in…” to choose Textio and import new files.

In order to start reading a new book or a document, simply tap on it and Textio will break it into readable chunks of text. You’ll read these pieces of text simply by swiping, just as if they were pages. Right underneath the text you’ll see a progress bar which shows you how far along you’ve gone and how many chunks of text are left.

The bottom of the screen is where you’ll find the “Read Wheel” which adjusts the rate from 200 words per minute up to 800 words per minute. Once you’ve chosen the right reading speed you can tap on this button and Textio will display pieces of text at the specified rate. In other words, this button works just like any other “play/pause” button.

Not every speed reading technique will work for everyone, and these apps use different kinds of techniques to teach you. Textio relies on rapid serial visual representation, which teaches you to focus on one word at a time instead of jumping around from one word to another. This is a great technique, so I recommend researching more around the web if you’re interested.

Textio bring proven and very effective ways of teaching you to speed read books and articles. For only $3 you’ll get this great tool on your phone, which really sounds like a great deal. I only wished that more native e-book formats were supported, even though this is something that most of can overcome.


Very interesting and useful. Effective. Great UI design.


Only a few file types supported.


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