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One of those things that iPhone completely changed and even revolutionized is photography. Digital cameras were the first step into fully unleashing the photography potential of every single amateur and enthusiast, while iPhone brought this feature to just about anyone on the planet. We’re still witnessing the change in this field, since every new generation brings more powerful hardware and ability to take better images and videos. However, this is not fully Apple’s credit since third party developers also played a very important role in this process. Thanks to talented and innovative coders, iOS has become the ultimate photography tool with ability to run some amazing editing apps.

Union ($2) by Pixite LLC is one of the latest efforts in bringing amazing photo effects to just about any iPhone and iPad. This app comes from the same developer who created Tangent and Fragment, some of the most interesting apps of 2013, which also received numerous awards and positive critiques. Union is the latest app by Pixite, which now seems like an effort to create a very powerful photo editing iOS suite.

Before digging any deeper into Union, it needs to be said what’s the main goal behind this app. Union is designed to ease up the process of superimposing images and creating very interesting effects. This way you can combine two images, make certain adjustments and delete parts of an image, which can produce some very creative works of art. Continue reading to learn more about this interesting app.

Even though I expected some kind of tutorial the first time I ran this app, this didn’t happen. Luckily, Union features very user-friendly UI so I was able to learn the ropes rather quickly. However, if you’re not familiar with iOS’ photo editing apps, I believe you’re really going to miss the tutorial. On the other hand, you can find video guidance online so you’ll never be too far from learning how to superimpose images and create interesting effects.

Just like with Tangent, Union features very clean and somewhat dark interface. It’s clearly inspired by iOS’ flat design principles, which are nicely implemented. Right from the start you’ll get the option to insert the first image, which will be used as a background. You can insert an image from your Camera Roll, but you can also insert solid colors, or transparent layers. Now you’ll be able to crop the photo and apply some basic adjustments. Union offers tools for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and temperature. The next step is adding the foreground, onto which you can also apply the same set of adjustments. The magic begins once you start deleting portions of the foreground. You can do this by hand, or you can use the Smart Wand which deletes chucks of image once you tap on an area. There are undo and redo available at all times, and you can zoom in for those small and fine details.

This app can produce some astonishing effects, but this depends on your talent and dedication to get the most out of it. I also believe that Union works better on iPads, simply because it’s easier to erase small details on a larger screen. This app is definitely worth trying.


PROS: Very interesting concept. Can produce great results. Nicely designed UI, very polished and minimalistic.

CONS: No tutorial. Can be difficult to use on iPhones. 


Very interesting concept. Can produce great results. Nicely designed UI, very polished and minimalistic.


No tutorial. Can be difficult to use on iPhones.


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