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Even though iPads are fully functional on their own, in order to unleash their potential you need to connect a keyboard. By having a keyboard connected to your iPad you will be able to get rid of your notebook on many occasions, and the best thing is that these days you can find a great keyboard at a very reasonable price. Almost every respectable manufacturer is trying to offer the newest generation of products right within this category, making it very interesting to keep an eye on these products. I am sure we will see more versatile wireless keyboards, with more functionality and at a lower price range.

In contrast to numerous wireless keyboards, standalone of combined with cases, there are also several wired ones. You might be wondering why someone would buy a wired keyboard, which might seem outdated these days. Well, there are more than a few reasons for this. First of all, there are companies and institutions that prefer to avoid Bluetooth connectivity, which makes these keyboards the perfect alternative. In addition, you can avoid having to charge yet another product and keep an eye on its battery life, and it gives you more freedom in terms of physical characteristics.

Belkin Wired Keyboard 2

Belkin is one of the latest companies that entered the market of iPad-compatible wired keyboards. Their product is priced at $60, making it very competitive. This is the full-sized plastic keyboard that connects to any iPad with the Lightning port. Even though you won’t find this information in the official specifications, we tested this keyboard with iPhones and iPods and it works remarkably well. This means that any iOS device with the Lightning port can be used with this accessory.

It’s great to see that Belkin has done everything to simplify this product, in terms of functionality and design. In order to use it you only need to plug it in, and it automatically works with any iOS application. However, it is surprising to see that Belkin didn’t include more iPad-specific keys, since this is something that we normally see with other keyboards. You will get to use iPad-specific keys like a dedicated Home button, lock, and volume buttons. There is also a row of volume tracking buttons on the top.

Speaking of design, it is clear that this keyboard is somewhat larger and bulkier than most. It is about 6.6” deep and about 0.75” at its thickest point. The cable is 23.5” long, so you will have plenty of freedom in terms of movement. The biggest benefit of this keyboard is that it provides physically larger keys, and I believe that most of us struggled to learn how to use those smaller wireless ones. Typing is very comfortable and the scissor-style keys are very responsive.

I am sure that there will be many potential users for Belkin’s wired keyboard, mostly because many people need physically larger keyboards that provide comfortable typing. I recommend considering this product, since it is very quality made, the keys are very responsive, and it is reasonably priced at well.



PROS: Quality made product. Comfortable typing. Effortless connectivity.


CONS: No major remarks.


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