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Every company is trying to create their own visual identity, which seems crucial in today’s digital age. No matter if we’re talking about hardware or software creators, it’s utterly important to create a visual identity that’ll be instantly recognized. In terms of hardware, software, and industrial design, it’s clear that Apple pioneered high-end aesthetics and combined it with a consumer products. In a similar manner, many accessory designers are trying to come up with unusual designs that will place their companies high on the list of bestselling products.

When it comes to Twelve South’s products, I usually expect to see very organic and elegant shapes and use of natural materials. This company has come a long way in design and could be considered as one of the most successful companies in this field. We already brought you a number of Twelve South’s products and thoughtfully tested them (such as HiRise Stand, SurfacePad, and Compass 2) and today we’ll be talking about their latest product. This one is called BookArc Möd, and this is a gorgeous MacBook stand, which could be considered as successor to the original aluminum BookArc.

Once you take a look at the BookArc Möd, you’ll see the main difference between this product and its predecessor. This one is made of wood and brings nicely designed silhouette and elegance. The main idea behind this product was to create a MacBook stand that won’t try to perfectly complement Apple’s own design, but instead it should complement the space you live or work in. This philosophy seems simple enough but works great in practice, and what’s more important is that a wood as a material perfectly pairs with Apple’s material of choice, aluminum.

There are more than a few good sides to the BookArc Möd. First of all, it allows you to save considerable space on your desk by placing your MacBook upwards. You’ll get to change a silicon insert that accommodates different MacBook models, which means that it could be used with just about any Apple’s notebook. There are also cleverly hidden cable managers, so you can continue to charge it or you can connect an external monitor and effortlessly continue with your work. It also needs to be said that you can choose from three models and those are birch, walnut, and espresso. These are different in textures and colors, so you can choose the one that fits the space you plan on using it in.

In all fairness, I also need to pinpoint some issues that I’ve encountered. What I didn’t like is the prominent logo of Twelve South, placed on the top side and clearly visible. The logo is more prominent on darker versions of this stand. This is not something that everyone will mind, but I am one of those who believe that a more elegant solution should have been used.

The BookArc Möd could be yours for $80, which is twice as pricey as regular BookArc. I am not sure why this product is so highly priced, even though it’s made of wood which requires somewhat more expensive manufacturing process. I believe this will be the main obstacle for potential buyers.


Beautifully designed, very organic and elegant. Cable management.


Prominent logo on the top side. High priced.


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