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After developing a successful product, it is always expected from a company to improve it over the years and gradually release new generations. This is exactly what happed to a widely successful range of Speck’s cases for various iPhone models. Perhaps the most popular one is the CandyShell case that brings classic design that everybody loves. In addition, you also get incredible protection, great build quality, and responsive button coverage, which is practically everything you can ever ask for. However, it is not surprising to see Speck working on new iterations of their classic iPhone case, and this article will prove just that. We are about to take a look at the newest version of the classic CandyShell, named Amped.

CandyShell Amped is designed for iPhone 5/5S and it is priced at $45. Unless you take a look at its internal side, you’ll probably think that this is yet another classic iPhone case. However, you might also notice that the body is slightly thicker, which is the consequence of adding the rubber inside the case in a specialized manner. This is exactly the main selling point of this case, since it brings passive audio amplification. This isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but I was still very interested in seeing how this case performs and if it enhances the audio.

CandyShell Amped 2

As I noted in the previous paragraph, CandyShell Amped brings familiar looking design. The case is made of rubber and glossy plastics, providing excellent protection from all sides. The front side comes with a small extrusion over the iPhone’s screen, enough to protect it from accidental scratches. The back side is very glossy and smooth and comes with the camera cutout. If we take a look at one of the shorter sides, where the Lightning port is located, we’ll see that there’s no cutout for the speaker. This is because there is a channel that widens from 0.2” up to about 3”, and ends up through 25 small openings behind the volume buttons. You can still easily access the headphone port and the microphone.

Speaking of performance, it is clear that CandyShell Amped is doing what it is supposed to do. The audio is much louder, actually even more than I expected it to be. Even though it doesn’t really enhance the sound, it makes it louder without downgrading its quality which is a great achievement. As you can imagine, you can expect noticeable distortion at high volume levels, but I am sure that many of you will stick to medium levels.

Once again, it is clear that Speck has made a great product. However, this case isn’t for everyone. It’s made for those who are interested in amplifying the sound, but which comes at an expense is terms of added thickness. If you prefer classic iPhone cases, the original CandyShell is still the best one you can buy. Nevertheless, if you are tired of the classic look, this version brings something new and something useful. You will be able to choose from four color-combinations: black/grey, dark and light blue, and two pink versions.



PROS: Quality made products. Great phone protection. Audio amplification.


CONS: Increased thickness.


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