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There are many of us who love iPhone wallet cases and use this type of cases exclusively. These are designed to hold your phone and properly protect it, while also holding up to five cards and a pocket for some cash. Not all wallet cases are the same, and there are plenty of different models to choose from, which is one of the reasons why these are so popular. Still, the main categorization separates these products into two groups: cases with fully exposed screens, and folio-style wallet cases.

The CAZLET by KYNEZ is one of the strangest-looking cases I have seen in a while. Even though it allows your iPhone to be exposed (only its front side), it still resembles a folio case. My first impression was that designers at KYNEZ tried to create their own product category, and I am compelled to say that they succeeded.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about CAZLET is that it allows you to use your phone without having to open the wallet, but still manages to provide military-grade protection. In addition, it is made of natural leather, which feels premium and very quality made. This case is compatible with the iPhone 5/5S and could be yours for $65.

Now let us take a deeper look into CAZLET’s design and functionality. Probably the easiest way to explain how this wallet case works would be to say that it looks like just about any wallet, with large zipper around its edges. On the front side, you will see a very tight pocket into which you can slide the iPhone, which will still provide you with access to all the buttons and ports. It even provides unrestricted access to the Home button, meaning that you can use Touch ID as if you normally would. What is very important to highlight is that the case manages to fully protect the phone, and even meets the U.S. Military Standard 810G drop-test. This tells you that the phone will be able to absorb a lot of force without actually showing any signs of physical damage. You will also get a tempered glass screen protector, to round up the protection.

Once you take a look inside this wallet you’ll see that there’s plenty of space for multiple cards and some cash, as well as some smaller pockets, a SIM eject tool, and tiny cleaning cloth. KYNEZ is also selling multiple accessories compatible with this case, such as an ID sleeve, a card band, a coin pocket, a hand strap, and similar items.

However, not everything is perfect with CAZLET, since it does have some shortcomings. The biggest one is its size and bulk. Some people won’t mind this, but many will find this to be a deal breaker since CAZLET can be hard to place in a pocket. The other thing is that you will need to pull out the phone every time you want to take a picture, since there is no cutout for the rear-facing camera.

The CAZLET by KYNEZ seems like a very interesting and quality made product, which also comes with some serious shortcomings. If you don’t really mind the bulk and you don’t take pictures often, this could be a good choice for you.



Unique design. Very quality made. Excellent phone protection.


Can be very bulky. The phone needs to be pulled out every time you need to take a picture.


  1. You are not the first and obviously not the last reviewer to review a product without providing a direct link to the product’s website, and I see this happened to most of your reviews. We enjoy reading your reviews, but at the same time appreciate if you can provide this convenience. It is miserable not able to get hold of such product after you has stirred one’s appetite.


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