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Users of iPhones and iPads have more than a dozen of ways to catch up on the news they care about. If you just take a look at the iOS App Store you’ll see that there are thousands of apps dedicated to bringing you the latest news, and they tend to do that in numerous different creative ways. Even though I can understand those iOS users who like those traditional news apps that deliver full-length stories, I mostly enjoy in visual apps like Flipboard and Facebook’s Paper. These can be informative as any other, and they tend to be more popular with younger crowds.

Fresco News is one of the latest additions to the iOS App Store’s selection of visual news apps. This app entered the Store by promising to change the way we consume news and information on a daily basis, which intrigued many users and reviewers as well. As a big fan of Flipboard, I was very eager to try out Fresco News, hoping that I will add yet another useful app to my iPhone’s home screen.

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Fresco News is completely free to download and use, and it doesn’t force you to create a new user account. This is something that I am always happy to see, since many iOS apps tend to create their own loyal user base by forcing us to sign up for accounts. It is always refreshing to see an app that allows you to freely consume its content, which is the case here. The first time you open this app you’ll see the “Recent News” feed. This is where you will be presented with the latest news, which are being pulled from all kinds of categories. Every story is being presented through a picture, and underneath you will get to see some short information on what that particular picture represents. If you are interested in reading a full story, you can get source links that are going to transfer you to a web site. Some stories will have source links attached, but sometimes you will be only presented with a picture. You will be able to browse different categories, or you can simply read “hot news” topics that are always going to be showed on the main screen.

The interface for Fresco News is very easy on eyes and logically organized. The color scheme is very dark, but this emphasizes the content. I would like to see other color schemes as well, since I know that people like to customize their apps and many will mind watching dark screen on a daily basis. The biggest part of the screen is reserved for the main image, while the text underneath has thin margins.

The only thing about Fresco News that I would like to see upgraded is the content. Even though the app comes with some very interesting articles, I have found myself wanting more. This app is still new, so I hope that its creators will continue adding more sources and bringing us more articles that are interesting and captivating.



PROS: Nicely designed UI. Very intuitive. Free of charge and without any obligations.


CONS: Limited content, at this moment.


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