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Students, writers, bloggers, and anyone who likes to write down their thoughts and ideas could benefit from an app that helps with grammar and sentence structure. Some complex text editors like Apple’s Pages and Microsoft’s Word are there to help you get the most out of your writing, but many people are unaware of some of their most helpful features, so for the most part these apps are underused. On the other hand, I believe that many would like to use simple and easy-to-use apps to help them rewrite paragraphs and help them express their thoughts in a more eloquent manner.

Ginger Page is an iOS app that is designed to help you improve the way you write. This free app comes from an Israeli startup company whose main mission is to create mobile and desktop apps that feature complex algorithms that can be used to proofread articles, rephrase them, and even translate them. I have been using Ginger Page for a while now in an effort to help me with my writing, since I really write a lot on a daily basis. I was looking for a way to enhance my writing style, since I believe I use the same words and phrases over and over again. Also, I am sure this is something that many students struggle with, so perhaps this app could be a much needed solution.

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The main concept behind Ginger is not to serve as a complex text-editor app, but instead to focus on your writing before you copy and paste the text into some other apps like Messages or Mail. This way you’ll have an option to proofread the text and enhance some sentences based on Ginger’s suggestions. The main screen of this app is designed to let you input some text, which will be checked as you type. Ginger will check for grammar and syntax errors, but if you mark a sentence you’ll get alternative versions and a built-in thesaurus that can replace certain words. This way you can really enhance the way you write, which can make an impact in your correspondence.

Aside from checking your text for grammar and other errors, Ginger also offers several tools that can be used independently. The main menu will show you options for a dedicated dictionary, thesaurus, and language translator. All of these tools are very valuable considering that this app is free to download and use, and still manages to offer full-fledged dictionary app, which is usually something you need to pay for.

However, Ginger isn’t perfect. In most cases, I was very satisfied with offered alternatives to my sentences, but sometimes it was clear that there is an algorithm that sounds a bit robotic. This sometimes produced false or misguided suggestions, but I am sure that this algorithm is being improved right now. Ginger Page is still fresh and new, and it showed remarkable potential. I am very interested in seeing how this app will continue to developer because I will surely keep my eye on it.

Ginger Page is completely free to download and use and I warmly recommend trying it out even if you are a native English speaker.



PROS: Very clean and polished UI. Intuitive and easy to use. Plenty of useful features.


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